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Can anyone recommend a compliant digestive enzymes supplement? I believe the Now brands is no longer recommended? 

I’m having a really hard time digesting fats, especially the fats that I use to cook food in like eggs or meat. I get so bloated after cooking with ghee or coconut oil.  So hoping a digestive enzyme would help?


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I like Biotics Research brand Intenzyme Forte... they’re proteolytic enzymes, but when taken with meals act as digestive enzymes (outside of meals they work on inflammation and supporting your body through injury recovery). The only caveat is that you need a professional account with them to order directly, otherwise you need to work with a professional who has an account (there are many nutritionists who do) - Biotics doesn’t sell on amazon, so can’t guarantee that what you’re buying there is what it says it is/not expired! 

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