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15 hours ago, Emma said:

It is funny because you sound so strong and steady. I sure don't want you to run back to the bake shop or Gu's Dumplings because you're kinda serving as my role model/compadre in this process. Your husband is wonderful and his support is pretty wonderful. I wonder if it's harder now because the need to prioritize and focus on the process is beginning to take a back seat.

Honestly, I'm not sure where it came from other than dealing with those old external triggers that would've had me running for major comfort food in the past. We were dealing with finances this weekend, and that always sets me off. Yuck! Dump that on top of a stressful work week, and maybe that was it. You're also right about the process taking a bit of a back seat factoring in to that; I didn't consider that and maybe I should. Having the yummy, compliant leftovers in the refrigerator really helped, and you're right about my husband; he really is wonderful! 

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13 hours ago, Amura said:

Indeed I think NSV are a wise way to focus in what's really important.

But. You know. Curiosity. Killed. The. Cat. 
And me. :lol:

Oh my gosh! Yes! In one of my older posts I got in to the beckoning call if the scale. It was easier to get away from it once I started seeing all the other changes, but yeah.... I'm stepping on that sucker tomorrow morning. Lol! :lol:

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R1D29 Sunday recap. Finances day. :wacko: I really dislike these days; they really are stressful to me. My husband and I sat down at lunch to go over everything and set the monthly and yearly goals. We've got a lot coming up next year, possibly a wedding, and our 30 year anniversary; so, there's stuff to plan and trips to take. After lunch, I worked on spreadsheets until 4:00 pm. Felt like a work day. Blah. <_<

I took some time in the morning to meal prep and make sausage. I only made more chorizo, but oh my gosh.....yum!! Here's the link (I cut the recipe in half): it's so easy to make and compliant! I only cooked half and froze the rest; I also added 1tsp cayenne, because I like it a little spicy, and used Bragg's ACV for the vinegar. The whole house smelled great, and I've got enough for two more servings after breakfast. Lunch is ready for Monday-Thursday, and to help with budgeting and meal planning/prep, I'm going to start posting the weekly menus on the refrigerator. I may be going off round, but I still have to be complaint during reintro so as to not tamper with my personal goals. 

After everything was done, I sat in the recliner and, while elevating and icing my knees, I watched the S3 finale of The Handmaid's Tale. What??!! And now I have to wait for S4?? What is this trickery?? Gah! Good thing I'm not eating ice cream, lol :lol: Seriously, it was so good! So. Good! 

Back to the work week and my last day on W30 R1! Wow! We made it!

Breakfast - chorizo con papas omelette; raspberries; coffee with Nut Pods, coconut milk, pumpkin pie spice (I'm ready for Fall, can't you tell?)

Lunch - spicy Szechuan eggplant with pork mince; coconut water

Dinner - roasted cornish game hen; pan roasted carrots; roasted asparagus; peach

On to D30!!

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