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Today is Day 30! We made it! Now, my husband is going to have to remember where he hid that stupid scale...... I'm really excited to start today, and I'm super proud of my accomplishment! I have d

Day 11 of restart (Day 22), and I'm starting to feel more confident with my Whole 30 journey. Food choices are becoming easier and are requiring much less effort to make. Sleep is just terrific. I can

I get you! 100%!! What I don't get is why we don't have a hug emoji cuz I'd sent you one of those @Jihanna     I totally understood where you were leading me, and I LOVE your guidance! And you're

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15 hours ago, Emma said:

It is funny because you sound so strong and steady. I sure don't want you to run back to the bake shop or Gu's Dumplings because you're kinda serving as my role model/compadre in this process. Your husband is wonderful and his support is pretty wonderful. I wonder if it's harder now because the need to prioritize and focus on the process is beginning to take a back seat.

Honestly, I'm not sure where it came from other than dealing with those old external triggers that would've had me running for major comfort food in the past. We were dealing with finances this weekend, and that always sets me off. Yuck! Dump that on top of a stressful work week, and maybe that was it. You're also right about the process taking a bit of a back seat factoring in to that; I didn't consider that and maybe I should. Having the yummy, compliant leftovers in the refrigerator really helped, and you're right about my husband; he really is wonderful! 

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13 hours ago, Amura said:

Indeed I think NSV are a wise way to focus in what's really important.

But. You know. Curiosity. Killed. The. Cat. 
And me. :lol:

Oh my gosh! Yes! In one of my older posts I got in to the beckoning call if the scale. It was easier to get away from it once I started seeing all the other changes, but yeah.... I'm stepping on that sucker tomorrow morning. Lol! :lol:

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R1D29 Sunday recap. Finances day. :wacko: I really dislike these days; they really are stressful to me. My husband and I sat down at lunch to go over everything and set the monthly and yearly goals. We've got a lot coming up next year, possibly a wedding, and our 30 year anniversary; so, there's stuff to plan and trips to take. After lunch, I worked on spreadsheets until 4:00 pm. Felt like a work day. Blah. <_<

I took some time in the morning to meal prep and make sausage. I only made more chorizo, but oh my gosh.....yum!! Here's the link (I cut the recipe in half): it's so easy to make and compliant! I only cooked half and froze the rest; I also added 1tsp cayenne, because I like it a little spicy, and used Bragg's ACV for the vinegar. The whole house smelled great, and I've got enough for two more servings after breakfast. Lunch is ready for Monday-Thursday, and to help with budgeting and meal planning/prep, I'm going to start posting the weekly menus on the refrigerator. I may be going off round, but I still have to be complaint during reintro so as to not tamper with my personal goals. 

After everything was done, I sat in the recliner and, while elevating and icing my knees, I watched the S3 finale of The Handmaid's Tale. What??!! And now I have to wait for S4?? What is this trickery?? Gah! Good thing I'm not eating ice cream, lol :lol: Seriously, it was so good! So. Good! 

Back to the work week and my last day on W30 R1! Wow! We made it!

Breakfast - chorizo con papas omelette; raspberries; coffee with Nut Pods, coconut milk, pumpkin pie spice (I'm ready for Fall, can't you tell?)

Lunch - spicy Szechuan eggplant with pork mince; coconut water

Dinner - roasted cornish game hen; pan roasted carrots; roasted asparagus; peach

On to D30!!

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Today is Day 30! We made it! Now, my husband is going to have to remember where he hid that stupid scale......:lol:

I'm really excited to start today, and I'm super proud of my accomplishment! I have definitely reframed my food mindset, but I'm also now keenly aware of when I struggle. It's kind of cool! Without question, after these 30+ days (incl restart), I have a much healthier relationship with food and love how I feel overall. I still have a ways to go, and reintroduction is going to take a while, but it's okay. I've committed to the lifestyle! Cheers! (PS.... It's still my last day, so that's apple juice ;))


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R1D30 (41) Ta Da!! Made it to the end of Day 30! It's been a helluva day too! Excitement for finishing the 30 days (41 in total) strong; exhaustion from the freaking circus at work. It's all good, though! I'm so much calmer and patient, and I laugh so much easier. That or I'm just so happy finishing the 30 days that nothing was going to wipe this stupid smile from off my face :D.

I'm going to finish helping the family clean up after dinner, and then I'm going to celebrate by reading a new book I got today. I'll post again tomorrow morning with my results. Have an awesome evening everyone!!:wub:

Breakfast - chorizo con papas omelette; raspberries; coffee with Nut Pods

Lunch - Vietnamese beef stew

Dinner - pork tenderloin with mustard tarragon sauce; sauteed mushrooms; sauteed zucchini; peach


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Today is D31, and it's a little bittersweet. I'm ecstatic about my results, butt it's also time for me to move on until my next round. I cannot thank all of you enough for the incredible support! Y'all rock!! 

As of this morning, after a total of 41 days, I have lost 16.5 pounds and 19.75 inches overall. The biggest changes were 2" in my waist, 4" in my hips, 2" in my thighs and 2" in my calves. I also lost 2" in my chest (why oh why is it always the boobs? Sigh) I knew my clothes felt different but wow... just wow.

I am going to start reintro today, so I'll continue blogging about my journey at Angel in Training at Feel free to come over, say hi! I'll still drop in from time to time. Bisous!! :wub:

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But that's A LOT of weight! :o

Wow, it's really really impressive. Really. R-E-A-L-L-Y.

I had read some of the testimonials, but to be honest I thought that such weight loss was meant to be achieved after several rounds. 
16 pounts in only one month is a HUGE change.

Hey, you are gonna need new clothes! ^_^


I'm definetely following your blog!

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Day 31 is in the books and now I'm back to compliant eating until these joint aches go away. Oh my. 

So I had planned on honey, right? But when I got up and started planning to use it, it just felt kind of meh; I just wasn't feeling it. So I didn't. I figured I'll just try something when I feel like it, and I'll gauge my progress from there. Then work started, and it was a complete s*#t show thanks to my boss's poor planning.

I was still working at 7:30 pm and trying to get dinner on the table at the same time. I finally hung up on my boss (he deserved it anyway, the turd, lol), sat down, looked at my husband and just said, "can I have a little red wine please?". So he opened a nice bottle of Ruffino Chianti Riserva and poured me a small glass. It was delicious but so sweet! I said so, and my husband took a sip and was like, "babe, that is not sweet, not at all"! Lol! I guess that's what happens to your taste buds after detoxing from sugar for 41 days. Anyway, we finished dinner, and the hubs went to work on the guest bathroom project, and I sat down to read my new book. All was good, went to bed, got a good 7+ hours of sleep and then I woke up. Holy aching joints, Batman!

My feet hit the floor and I feel it everywhere. Shoulders, knees, ankles and lower back. It's not debilitating, but after not feeling like this for over 5 weeks, it's noticable. Okay, so check that...... red wine = joint aches. Got it. Back to compliant eating for the next few days or until the aches go away, whichever is longer! Now off to work to tackle another day with a super disorganized firm partner, lol :lol: Gotta love 'em!

Oh! And my trip to Seattle is booked for 10/7-10/11. I requested a non-dairy vegetarian meal for the flight, but now I'm worried it may have soy. If anyone has any suggestions on in-flight meals, I would welcome the advice!

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SO cool to notice and find a reaction. SO uncool that is was with wine :( And way to go on the changes to your physical body. It's really validating.  No suggestions from me on airplane meals. I discovered that almost all the vegetarian options in the store use soy or pea protein. I'm definitely not touching pea protein. Not sure about soy.  Good luck with the super disorganized firm partner!!!

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I'd be very cautious of the vegetarian versions as well, for the same reason. Maybe you can check with them just to find out what is included, and go from there to decide how you want to handle it... and even ask if they have an allergen list. If they don't have a suitable option, see if they'd allow you to bring your own meal onto the flight (just explain that you're doing an elimination diet for medical reasons, to determine allergies and tolerance levels -- chances are they'd be happy to let you bring your own if it means they avoid potentially giving you something that causes a problem).

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@Jihanna, thank you!! Great advice and options! I will definitely check that out!

@Emma, I know! Why'd it have to be wine? :( Honestly, it wasn't that surprising. My friend, who's doing W30 with me, tried vodka and soda on Sunday and had a similar reaction. I got my water in, and I'm actually doing okay this evening without any pain meds. So, I'm making the conscious choice to enjoy wine, on occasion, in small amounts.

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D37 and I'm not digging this reintroduction thing. I'm going to do a mini reset and then seriously consider what I'm going to add back. 

So had a tiny glass of wine last week. Got up the next morning and ached all over. Drank a lot of water and, by the afternoon, I was fine. Tried honey and did okay but I'm not liking the taste of it in anything but tea. Fine; I'll put that one aside. Tried a 1/4 c of Lundgren's wild rice blend I had made for the family and got a lot of gut bloating, gas and leg swelling. I cooked it in bone broth I made at home, so not a lot of salt, but I felt it everywhere. Drank a lot of water, and by the next afternoon, I was better. Not great, but better.

Saturday was my mother's 75th birthday so we drive to their house in the mountains, and rather than going out to eat, I cooked a fully compliant meal (she's was curious as to how Whole 30 food works) except for the Italian bread and birthday cake we had made for her (here's the picture). Vietnamese grilled pork chops, sauteed carrots, sauteed asparagus, roasted potatoes, salad with red onion, tomatoes, pears and walnuts in vinaigrette. It was delicious, and she loved it! Came time to cut the cake, and I had two bites. That was it. Two stupid bites. It was way too sweet for me so I gave my sliver of a slice to my husband who promptly 'saved me from the sugar dragon'! They only thing that mattered was Mom loved it, it was her favorite cake flavor and that she kept it. My husband helped pack it up so they could freeze half of it and save it for a treat in a couple months for their anniversary, and none of the cake came home with us. 

All day yesterday, I was achy and lethargic. I drank a lot of water and rested but still feel like poo. I just want to sleep. Thank goodness I still have food prep from last week because I didn't get jack squat done yesterday.

I don't feel my tiger blood. I don't feel as crummy as I did before Whole 30, but I don't feel great either. I'm going to stay compliant all week. We don't have plans for Labor Day weekend, except for a Braves baseball game on Sunday. I'll deal with the one meal when we get to the stadium, but so far, I'm just not finding a whole lot of my former non-compliant foods that my body is okay with.  

So this week is a hard reset, and I'm not upset that I need this. Not one bit. I talked to my best friend about it, and she's in the same boat. So we're going to do this together, just like we did on W30. I'm looking forward to getting some of that tiger blood back!


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I LOVE reading your posts and updates. I came across some article today dissing on Whole30 because people do it and then binge and blah blah blah. Hopefully I don't do that, but I think it really is about figuring out the foods that make us feel good and I think when I eat some of the things that don't sit well with me, that triggers more eating - not some mindset or emotion or guilt or reaction to dieting binge mentality.

Sounds like a really nice meal you had in the mountains with your mom. 

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22 hours ago, Jihanna said:

This. Right. Here.
You're describing exactly what reintroduction is all about (in my opinion). You try a thing, feel the effects (if any), and reset your body before you move on.

@Jihanna, you're absolutely right, but I'm hurting. Like really hurting, and I'm really just hating how bad I feel. It's scaring me, I feel horrible to the point of crying, I've got a wicked headache and I'm just not motivated (or actually too scared) to eat anything that's not compliant. Honestly not sure when I'm going to try something again. Right now, I just want the pain to stop.

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@Emma thank you! It was a nice meal and Mom was excited about how delicious everything was. Dad didn't understand why there were things considered non-compliant because "well, it's very lean", but Mom got it! She said yesterday she's still savoring the lemongrass sauce I served with the pork chops. I love her!


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I totally get it, sister! Trust when I say there are days when I look back on the previous day's choices and ask myself why in the world I thought _____ might be a reasonable option with my meal. Gluten gets me that way more than anything else, I think, because it's what tends to tear me up the most internally... but there are definitely other things I have to watch, and I definitely do reset occasionally (sometimes for weeks) because I just feel awful and have to remind myself of how GOOD I can feel when I make really good food decisions.

((((( hug )))))

I wasn't at all saying any of us should constantly reintroduce or jump immediately into a new test once we feel okay, just saying that learning what makes us miserable is why we chose Whole30 in the first place (or at least it's why I chose it), so being able to identify those things is what it's all about... and knowing how to reset afterward is just as important as knowing what's going to require a reset. :) 

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I get you! 100%!! What I don't get is why we don't have a hug emoji cuz I'd sent you one of those @Jihanna :wub:   

I totally understood where you were leading me, and I LOVE your guidance! And you're right (again) of course. Once I start feeling better in a week or so, I'm going to want to try something else. Today? I just want to hide under the covers and burn this candle lol


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