Joint Pain Day 12

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No, this isn't really normal. 

Is this pain you'd had before whole30 that went away and came back, or just something totally new? Have you changed anything else -- started exercising or just generally being more active, or stopped taking a medication or supplement? Is there any kind of weather system near you that might be affecting how you feel? (I know that last one seems weird, but especially if the pain seems related to any previous injury, there are people who find weather changes can affect their pain.) 

If you haven't changed anything else, it's possible that something you're eating is not working well for you. What immediately comes to mind here is nightshades. Many people find eating them, especially in large quantities, causes joint pain, and since they include things like peppers, tomatoes, and potatoes it is possible you're eating more of them than normal. Read through this and see if it seems like a possibility:

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I found this thread and it seems like it applies to me.  I have elbow pain that is raging.  I am only on day 3 and cant pick up a 16oz glass of water with my left arm.  I read the link you provided and I get it.  Not sure what to really do.  This is my first time with Whole30.

I am not experiencing joint pain anywhere else to this magnitude.  If I have tendonitis that I didn't know about, would the same apply here?  Am I eating foods that are aggravating this?

I already feel like I took a hacksaw to my food choices, this feels like an even deeper cut.  I don't feel good, my head hurts, my arm hurts...just not happy right now.   That is just me venting.  I have read other posts...I know this is common...just frustrated.

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This is a bit unusual to hear, to be honest. There's really not a lot about eating protein, veggies and good fats that should cause murderous elbow pain. I would probably see a doctor if I were you - or think back to around 2-3 days ago and any push, pull or lift you might have done that gave you some aggravation in that elbow. My suspicion is that it may just be a coincidence? 

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