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Am I Eating Too Much?


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i am only on day two of whole30, and in the past, I’ve been on pretty restrictive counting calorie diets. I lost 80 pounds but did so by only eating 1200-1500 calories and running for 30+ minutes every day as a 250 pound guys. I’m down to about 183ish after a little gain, but I needed it. It seems like I am eating a lot, but I am getting hungry every 4-5 hours. I do workout or run daily. I have thrown out the calorie counter, so I am not sure where I am. Am I eating too much? Since I’m only a couple days in, I want to make adjustments now rather than later. In all actuality, this is the most protein and food quality I have eaten in years. 

Breakfast yesterday:

4 sweet potato cuts (about half a potato), 2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, spinach sautéed with olive oil. 

Lunch: 1/2lb of grilled chicken, asparagus, roasted beets, yellow tomatoes, 2 TBS of Tessemae ranch

Dinned: 1/5 of a portion of pomegranate roast (3lb roast total), with carrot and cauliflower slaw and a whole sweet potato (I feel like I needed more veggies in this). The slaw had complaint mayo in it. 

An hour lifting at the gym for the workout

PreWO: celery and 1 TBS of sunflower butter 

PostWO: Epic chicken bar and homemade plantain chips 



breakfast: sweet potato, 1.5 TBS sunflower butter, 5 cherries, chia seeds, blueberries, and a banana

lunch: LO roast with a half sweet potato, 1/2 cup of green beans and carrots. 

Dinner is currently in the crockpot and is the chicken, lime, avocado soup and I’m going to add a spinach salad. 

4 mile run today with a mile walk cooldown

PreWo: Celery and sunflower butter

PostWo: Beef Epic jerky and plantains





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I don't think you're eating too much. Your breakfast today had no protein and was a little fruit heavy, but the meal template is a recommendation, not a rule, so just pay attention to how you feel after a meal like that, versus a meal with protein and vegetables and healthy fat with less fruit. Some people find a fruit-heavy breakfast leaves the hungry faster or even craving sugar the rest of the day.

If your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, and you feel you're recovering from your workouts well, then you're eating the right amount.

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