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I use Young Living Essential Oils to support my health. Is there any reason I can’t flavor my water with a drop of grapefruit or lemon oil or take the occasional capsule of oils for colds, sinus, or pain. These oil are 100 organic seed to seal certified. 

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Whole30 doesn't say anything either way about straight up essential oils, that's up to your discretion. Double check the ingredients on your capsules and on anything that isn't just the plain oils (like if they're mixed with a carrier oil, or if they're designed to be ingested and have other ingredients to make them taste better). 

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I'm a doTERRA user and definitely used my oils throughout my Whole30. The thing to be careful of, at least in my experience, is that some of the blends (like Citrus Bliss) have vanilla extract in them, and that would make it non-compliant. I skipped using my veggie caps during Whole30 just in case, so I didn't have to stress over whether or not they had a non-compliant coating or anything (I've long since removed them from the packaging that included the ingredients list)... but the straight oils were great additions to water and tea, and obviously any topical use would be fine (even the ones that use non-compliant ingredients, since they're not being ingested in that case). I don't use any of the YoungLiving oils, but would imagine the situation would be much the same and I assume the ingredients are as clearly marked as they are on my own bottles here :)

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