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Broken Newbie starting August 1, 2019


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I will be starting my first Whole30 in a few days. I'm excited and apprehensive at the same time. I'm pretty sure that's normal :D

I am 52, and my health is not the best. My autoimmune issues started young (psoriasis at 6 years old), and also psoriatic arthritis diagnosed a few years ago (although I suspect I've had it for quite some time).

I had ulcers, duodenal issues, costochondritis starting in my early teens (high stress as my mother was fighting cancer). My stomach never really recovered. Then Stage 4 breast cancer in 2008 meant lots of chemo which made my digestive issues worse.

In the past few years I've been on biologics and other immunosuppressive drugs for the psoriatic arthritis,  and it seems to have changed my tolerance for certain foods. I can no longer eat beef, pork, chicken or turkey without it wanting to exit my body in a hurry! I can still tolerate eggs and fish/seafood with no issues.

I remember when i was a child, the doctor treating my psoriasis suggested my mom keep me away from certain foods like pork, tomatoes,  etc. 

My parents instilled healthy eating habits in me, and we rarely had junk foods in our diet. However,  as my illnesses have taken over my life, I have fallen into the "comfort food" "too tired to cook" "don't really care" mentally :mellow:


I feel like Whole30 is exactly what I need to bring my body back into balance. I also realize that in my current state it will most likely be more of a Whole90 or Whole120 before my body can begin to heal properly. But I'm taking it one '30' at a time :rolleyes:

I am optimistic that by healing my gut (as much as possible) that some of my chronic pain and utter exhaustion will get better, but I'm also trying to be realistic in my expectations given the amount of damage my body has sustained. 

I look forward to getting started, and getting to know some of you as we push ourselves to commit to better eating habits :D

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