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Jan 5th started and I think I broke my camera


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I discovered paleo a couple months ago because I'm a cook book fantatic and was introduced to the whole thing when I bought Well Fed (excellent book)!!!! The holidays were brutal to me and combine that with a failed attempt to quit smoking which added 10 lbs to my backside and a very stressful year, I've been slowly getting to the point where even my fat jeans are getting snug.

I'm a sugar junky to an extent but what I really love are all things savory especially deep fried with lots of salt! I'm tired of feeling like crap! My energy comes in a bottle namely 5hr, my stress relief is a vodka soda with friends and my solution to dealing with my job is too join the little ones in a bowl of goldfish. (I'm a Montessori/Kindergarten teacher by day and a single mom of two girls, one who is on the "special" side and will only eat chicken nuggets, zone bars, and ritz crackers.)

I was initially overwhelmed by the Whole30 thing but after perusing the site and the forums decided to give it a go. I said it before, I'm tired of feeling like crap, I'm pushing 40 and unfortunately am just not getting any healthier lamenting about how unhealthy I am while chugging a cosmopolitan and eating a bag of chips.

My first two days have gone surprisingly ok, a little spacy, a little sluggish and a killer headache. I know it will get worse before it gets better. Hardest part, asking my darling partner to take a before photo of me. I know he sees my naked body everyday but after I saw what it really looked like on camera I wanted to cry. My hourglass figure turned into a pear, it was not a pretty sight. I'm addicted to the scale so that is one of my goals, to not weigh myself and try to focus more on how I "feel" and less on how I "look." Shopping at Costco today was a little brutal - Seriously, there is added sugar in EVERYTHING!!!!!!

I'm hoping to find some serious support on this forum and I'm willing to put in the time. Most of my friends make less then stellar choices and it's nice to be able to relate to other people struggling with the same issues.

My favorite quote of the day compliments of my 8 year old chatting with her friend whom I just spoke firmly to about not putting her clothes away - "Mommy's grumpy cause she started a lifestyle change." Thats right sweetie, its not a diet but a way of life.

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I want to say something about the camera comment you made. Be nice to you! Camera angles wreak havoc with our self-esteem. Don't fall victim to it! Just know that you have made a great choice to do this program. It really can and will change your relationship with food. You are setting such a great example for your kids!

Now remember, no comments to YOU that you would not make to your 8 year old...and I know you would never tell her that she broke that camera!

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