Help. Pre workout, post workout, breakfast

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I need help with some ideas for these meals. I know the pre and post are just small things. The preworkout I will be at home so anything is good. The post I will be going from gym to work so only things that are cold or reheat easily. Less egg dishes the better for post and breakfast.  Also do i need to do the pre workout food. I normally just jump out of bed and head to gym. Also how long should i wait from post workout food to breakfast. I can take my break whenever for breakfast while at work. 

My 2nd day doing whole30.  

I know alot of questions and anything will help. 

Thank you so much. 

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I believe you only need a preworkout meal if you haven’t eaten within two hours of your workout. It sounds like you workout in the morning so just eating your normal breakfast is probably fine. If you do fasted workouts normally I don’t think it’s a huge issue to continue those unless you’ve noticed a drop of energy. A post workout meal would be breakfast if you’re fasted through the workout. I do a hard boiled egg and a handful of almonds or 1/4 avocado for my preworkout meal and eat lunch as my post workout. You could do compliant deli meat and some avocado if you’re avoiding eggs. For the post workout whatever you’d normally have for breakfast on Whole30 is fine. 


The idea behind the pre and post workout meals is to get protein and fat or carbs into your body if a normal meal isn’t scheduled immediately after. I workout at lunch so my post workout meal is my lunch. 

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