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Today's topic for me is self talk. 

Yesterday morning, I started my 2nd Whole30.  My reset, my dedication to a better life, to feeling more healthy, to living life.  I'm ready to stop being tired and depressed by the damage I've done to myself by my food choices.  I caught myself this morning promising myself I'd be good today.  I felt like a ton of pressure behind that statement.  What if instead of being good, I just decided that today was a day to make good choices.  Feels a little less stressful. 

Yesterday, I had one blow out - My Thursday knitting group.  Too many snacks, I had 2 cookies.  They were good and I chose to eat them.  But the truth is I wished I hadn't .  I have to plan better for Thursday nights.

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Hi, @LeslieW. Just take things one meal at a time. If it helps, you can remind yourself that you could have whatever things you're wanting -- cookies or ice cream or chips -- but right now, you're choosing not to, just for 30 days.  Write down why you're doing this, and when you are having a bad day, review your list to remind yourself.

For your knitting group, you might try having a meal (or at least a mini meal) before you go, so you're definitely not hungry. Take a beverage that you like -- it might be water, or iced tea, or sparkling water. If you all bring things to share, you could find an appetizer type thing to bring and share, or you could just not eat. Try to keep yourself busy with the knitting, so your hands are busy, that should help too. 

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Thanks Shannon,

It is easier if I log what I eat.  I'm worried about how much just want.  I find that I am having problems lately with my arthritis pain flaring up, especially in my hands and hips.  So I've started keeping a food diary so I see if there is a connection there.  it helps.

Knit nights continue to be a challenge but eating ahead of time and just not going in the kitchen area seem to be the most help.

Thanks, again for you encouragement.

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