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Need Help with this menu!!!


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You're going to have to ask lots of questions about ingredients. There's no way for us to be able to say for sure what is whole30 and what isn't just by looking at this menu.

Guacamole might be okay, some of the ceviche might be okay, the arugula salad without the dressing (either bring your own or ask for oil and either vinegar or lemon or lime) is probably ok, but double check that they don't have cheese or corn or beans or tortilla strips on it, you can probably add avocado and check if any of the proteins they offer with it would work -- you don't want anything breaded or dredged in flour, and most marinades have sweetener or soy sauce so you may need something that isn't marinated that can be dry grilled or cooked in olive oil.

You might eat before you go and order the salad just to have something if you don't have time to check on ingredients beforehand, just to be sure you won't be hungry.

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