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I was excited to see that eMeals added a paleo meal plan to their options! I've subscribed to eMeals on and off for the last couple of years, but haven't even looked at the site since I did my first Whole30 last summer. I logged in to unsubscribe, and was surprised to see a paleo plan had been added!

For those who haven't heard of eMeals (www.emeals.com), they provide a weekly menu plan with recipes (for dinner), along with a grocery list. You can choose a plan for two, or a family plan. I took a quick look at the last two weeks' plans, and it looks mostly Whole30 compliant with the exception of a little bit of maple syrup or honey in a few recipes (which you could just leave out). Here's what they had on tap for the last couple of weeks: Fried eggs & sweet potato latkes; chicken curry with mango "rice" (cauliflower); roasted orange salmon w pomegranate asparagus; cilantro marinated pork w slow roasted tomatoes; espresso ribeye w spicy wilted spinach; lemon parsley brisket w smashed sweet potatoes; balsamic chicken drumsticks w butternut squash slaw; lamb loin chops w fennel avocado grapefruit salad; tuna salad w grilled eggplant; honey mustard chicken w sage green beans; smoked salmon casserole w red pepper kale; balsamic chicken w prosciutto wrapped asparagus; parsley pork roast w pear & sweet potato ragu; almond crusted halibut w roasted asparagus.

AWESOME. I'm starting my 2nd Whole30 tomorrow, and have already shopped for the week, so I won't do the eMeals thing just yet, but it's really nice to know it's there if I hit a creative slump in the kitchen in the weeks to come. :)

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