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Day 12


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Starting day 12 and I feel great! I had headaches the first few days and a general feeling of sluggishness for the first five days or so, but after that it seemed everything clicked. I’m not feeling hungry, not having cravings, and my energy level is higher than normal. Bonus is that my pants are feeling looser. I can’t believe that I don’t crave bread, it doesn’t even look good. I always thought I couldn’t  live without it. 

It does take some planning, and I’m starting to streamline that. I’m interested to see what happens with the re introduction, but it seems my body needs to be on some version of this plan. 

So, I call this at least the beginning of a success story!

I want to add that I also love that this is not another one of those gimmicky plans where you have to buy their food. I tried a couple of those and their food was awful and I was always hungry, despite the claims that I wouldn’t be. I love that most of this non-proprietary. I belong  to a local food coop and I can buy everything I need there, they even have many of the approved foods, like Primal, Epic, Rx bars, etc. The book was a free download for Amazon Prime members, and I did that to get started. I probably will buy some of the other cookbooks as I have a collection of cookbooks, but this plan is very accessible for anyone as everything is on the free website. 





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