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Am I eating enough?

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I’m on R1D11 and feel pretty good. I was already mostly gluten, sugar and soy free before I started so the transition wasn’t difficult. I’m following all the rules closely and drinking enough water. My tummy feels flatter and my clothes are looser! My issue is that I cannot eat the recommended volume of food. I can barely get down 1 egg with salsa for breakfast with veggies and a few slices of sweet potatoes with olives or salad dressing. Sometimes I add a half a piece of fruit. I feel totally satiated and rarely get hungry between meals. So I am compliant except for the food quantities. Is it okay for me to eat a smaller amount if it feels right for my body? I am female, 5.2, 59 years old and my pre-Whole30 weight was around 129. I wouldn’t mind losing 5 pounds or so as a result of Whole30 but didn’t do it primarily for that. Just want to get healthier and stop my immune over response which is causing excess histamine. Am I on track or is it necessary to force feed myself? Lol!

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