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My first 7 days (success, but some concerns too)


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I'm copying this from my whole 30 journal in case someone has some tips for me (digestive distress). The journal section is so busy it's hard to keep up everyone. Oh, I did start some probiotic

Well my first week is done! Days 1 & 2 were not bad, but I did have nausea after each meal, days 3 & 4 were THE WORST! I felt awful no energy, cranky, yuk.... days 5,6 & 7 my energy was back and I started feeling much better, no cravings (except diet coke the first few days) but by 6 & 7 I was getting the munchies, not cravings, munchies. I'm thinking this comes from the nausea finally going away and yrs of believing(and doing) we must eat 5-6 times a day. I will be honest though, I'm VERY disappointed that I'm so dang bloated, gassy, and still having stomach distress. I've read on different posts here that this is normal...I'm struggling to believe that....but I'm trying to keep in mind the positive things from my first week which are:

*sleeping so much better

*energy has increased a lot (i feel human again)

*no cravings (I don't have a sugar or bread dragon)

* I like 3 meals a day! I do NOT need to eat 5-6 mini meals to feel good and have energy all day long, and I didn't feel like I was gonna starve!

still struggle with:

*eating more fat (can't help but wonder if this is contributing to my stomach distress)

*not getting on the scale to weigh myself (I came close so many times! guess I have a scale dragon to slay)

*still kinda worry about the amount of food I'm eating (calories in/calories out) I exercise consistently (mild to heavy wt training, moderate cardio) but I have a desk job, and I'm 52 so I know I'm not a calorie burning machine, lol

I know it's only been 7 days, but I'm concerned about digestive distress. I've done an elimination diet before (Dax Moy) and by the 4th day the bloat was gone, no reflux either, which I been having mildly every day this week. The reflux concerns me, this is one of the main reasons I joined Whole 30, I don't want to go back on meds. I'm not going to give up yet, but I don't want to end up back at the doctors office with a tube down my throat or back on meds.

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