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Day 10.... ugh.... vegetarian blues


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Vegan with pescatarian tendencies trying this out on doctor recommendation after being diagnosed with Hashimoto.  So far, I’ve thrown up meat and been miserably constipated. I’m mostly sticking to bird.  Honestly, not that crazy about the book recipes.  Cannot say I’ve had a good meal yet.  I did rediscover an enjoyment of turkey bacon. 

At this point, I’m consumed with regularity.  I have a history of this, better when vegan.  Meat has me feeling sluggish and a bit gross.  

Any other vegetarians out there?  Im going to push through with letter, if not spirit of this plan to see if my labs improve, but meat or animal three meals a day is just not me. Im doing a fiber vegan am smoothie, with veggie:).  

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I'm not a vegetarian, never have been, but do remember reading quite a few vegetarian Whole30 posts in the time that I've perused the forum here. There are definitely people out there who've done it with minimal forays into meat. I haven't pulled any of those posts for reference here, but think I recall there being some discussion about using digestive enzymes to help the body acclimate to the changes when bringing in more meat.

I would think you could get away with doing it with mostly fish as your protein, if that's possible budget-wise, though.

If you're adding protein to your AM smoothie, just remember to check the powder ingredients. Vegan protein powders often contain soy or pea protein, as I've learned from experience due to dairy intolerance in the family :) There are compliant ones out there, though, just thought I'd make a brief reminder.

I'm sorry you're feeling icky and hope it starts resolving soon!

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