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What Type of Excercise??

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I am a 46 yo mama to nine who has had some pretty challenging health issues, namely some severe adrenal exhaustion. I am much, much better now!

I have been doing W30 and/or modified W/30 since last August and love the changes that have taken place.

I really would like to start incorporating some excercise but don't really know where to start. Like the rest of you, i am swamped and seeking to keep the best balance i can in life, with being a mama, homeschooling, and helping run our family business. I just don't really know where to start.

I totally don't understand what Crossfit is, nor do i think i can take on learning something new right now.

Is there some basic moves, ie. push ups, plank, squats, that would be a good start?? I have done things like TTapp and Jillian' 30 day shred (she is evil, i think ;-) Just kidding)

I am pretty out of shape, but seem to come back quickly. I guess you would consider me 'sedentary' even though i am busy from sun up to sun down. I know that is different than excercising.

I also have to be careful to not go to crazy, as i can tend to do, and end up putting too much stress on my body,

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

I love this forum and learn so much!!



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Hi Michelle,

Good for you for wanting to increase your activity level (as if 9 kids wasn't enough exercise!! Holy cow :blink: ). Walking is always a good start. Next, I would add in some simple body weight movements like you mentioned. I do crossfit workouts and I'm also 46--you're never too old to learn! You might like this site www.hiitdaily.com It has daily workouts (for free) and it's meant for you to be able to do on your own at home. Click on the "newbie" section. Don't be intimidated by how hard it looks....modify until you can do it. The lady who leads the workouts is ridicuIously skinny, don't let that intimidate you either. I started a few years ago and could only do my push ups while standing and leaning into the wall. Now I can crank out a ton of normal push ups. The key is consistency in whatever form of exercise you choose to do. You gotta keep on doing it, even when it feels hard.

Good luck!!

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