Nausea after dinner

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I'm on day 8. Doing well in terms of following the plan. But this is the 2nd night I've had nausea after dinner.

The  first time we had steak (in place of the more costly brisket), butternut squash and salad as recomended on the first week's meal template. For lunch I had the Mexican Tuna in endive leaves, leftover slaw and grapes. Breakfast was the leftover chicken and  roasted potatoes. I likely had some grapes and perhaps some almonds with dried apricots on that day.

Tonight I had the Romesco garlic shrimp with zucchini noodles. Lunch was a protein salad (salmon) with a side of blue berries. Breakfast was a 2 egg omelet with salmon, onions, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, salt, pepper and tumeric. I have had about 4 cups of black coffee and 4 cups of water with lemon today. 

From what I've read, nausea is not a  typical side affect, so perhaps this is unrelated. But I'd appreciate any insights. 

Thank you!

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There are specific foods I have to avoid (sometimes in general and sometimes just at the latter part of the day) in order to avoid distress... mine doesn't usually lead to nausea when I'm eating compliantly (unless I've got a massive headache), but there is a lot of indigestion if I'm not being mindful of what I'm eating at what time of the day. My suggestion would be to make sure you're being very detailed in logging what you eat and how you feel, how long after eating it starts, etc. This could help you pinpoint either specific foods or certain food groups that need to be handled with care. From my own experience, I learned that excessive oil on my food does tend to bring on nausea fairly soon after I start eating, so I tend to err on the side of less oil and just dress my plate with other fats to accommodate my stomach.

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