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You may lose weight, you may not. It depends on what you weigh now, how different a way of eating this is for you, if you have illnesses or injuries that your body might prioritize healing over weight loss, hormonal stuff -- a whole bunch of stuff we cannot accurately predict for you.

I would encourage you to think about things a little differently. Consider that if you work on getting healthy, your weight will get to a healthy point. It may not be a quick-fix, lose xx pounds in 30 days program, but it can, if you embrace it, help you find a healthy way to eat forever. And have a look at this article and see if maybe there are things other than weight that might help to motivate you:

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Hi Sheri!

I'm new too and I also want to lose weight.
I'm currently reading the program books (although there is plenty of good information on the website) and have just set my start date, so I'm no expert and I can't give any sort of advice.
But I believe that anything-goes-to-lose-weight diets are a sure path to harm your body, and this program is meant to be exactly the opposite: a tool to help you understand and therefore heal it.

Being so, if after 30 days we have learned something useful to lead a healthier life - even if we do not manage to lose weight in this first period - I think it's a very good thing.
It took me two years to gain all this weight, I'm not in a rush to lose it in only 30 days. 

How do you feel about it?

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