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Being Prepared


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Meditation is something I've been trying to do every morning. The link above includes several types of daily meditations, including one for AA. I always read that one, but then I scroll over to see if anything strikes me as an "I need this today" thought from the ones for codependency, families, women, or overeaters (there's one for men as well, but I skip that one!). I should probably pay more attention to that last one than I do, but today's thought really hit home and felt like I should share it. Hopefully it speaks to someone else the way it spoke to me this morning.

Tuesday, August 13 -- "Food for Thoughts", Daily Meditations for Overeaters

Be Prepared

We need to be prepared for times when we will be tempted to eat the wrong kind of food. This may mean eating our planned meal before going to an event where the right food may not be available. It may mean adjusting our meal schedule so that we can wait to eat until after an event where the wrong kind of food is served.

In the past, we may have used the excuse of not hurting someone's feelings in order to rationalize a deviation from our food plan. No hostess should expect a guest to consume food to which he or she is allergic. We alone are responsible for what goes into our mouths. If we are faced with food, which will activate our illness, it is better to be hungry than to eat what makes us sick.

When we are willing to go to any lengths to maintain abstinence, we can find a way to deal with dangerous food situations. "No thank you" is a very useful tool.

May I be prepared in times of temptation.

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