Planning to start September 1. Are you?

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Hi! Im Kim.  Im 42 and a single mom of a 7 year old boy and im around 230 lbs. Ive been reading the book and now im putting it out there. Im planning to start on September 1st. I have a feeling this m

I wanted to take a moment to share a huge NSV! I'm an aspiring alpine climber, but not particularly fit, strong, or skilled. I'm also overweight. Just a few pounds ago and I was technically in the obe

Hi.  I really want to start on September 1. I did my first Whole30 a few years ago and loved it. I stayed generally Paleo after that for about 18 months. Since then I can't seem to get back on track.

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Hi all. Day 27 for me and I'm very happy with the way I feel. I'm just barely excited about reintroduction. I'm on a good path now and I hesitate to shift anything. I do miss plant proteins though, so I'm thinking one of my first re-introductions will be to replace half my meat with quinoa or something. Thanks to those of you who are posting recipes you like. If you've read my previous posts, you know I don't cook so recommendations help me decide what to try. 

I ate out last night for the first time since I started W30. I busted up in a pizza place with my own chicken and salad dressing. Then I ordered a big plate of salad vegetables and had a great dinner. I ate until I was stuffed. I didn't miss the pizza and I didn't mind passing the appetizers without eating any. 

Here's an NSV. My bad habits are/were expensive. I've been carrying the same walking around cash with me since I began W30. I'm just not spending it. I haven't been in a convenience store or a drive through since September 1 and it's saving me about $60 a week. Sometimes more. Based on that, I can't really complain about relatively expensive salad dressings or the price of ghee or any such things.


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Just a few days left! How's everyone feeling? What are your plans for after Whole30? Formal reintroductions? Something else?

I'm feeling good though I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do yet. I know I'll be a little more lax on the sugar thing. Because my favorite BBQ sauce in the whole world in compliant except for molasses. So I'll switch back over to that. I'll probably allow some banana bread back into my life too because I miss bread and this recipe has 100% compliant ingredients. Something other than meat for breakfast sounds nice... 

I also wanted to share a zucchini lasagna recipe I made this weekend! It's truly delicious, with a cashew ricotta cheese that seriously tastes like the real thing! Here's the recipe:

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Day 29!!! OMG!!!

My husband and I have been fighting a pretty nasty snotty cold the last few days, so thank goodness for the Walmart frozen Whole30 bowls I had stashed in my freezer! I bought them at the beginning of the month thinking, "I probably won't need these but just in case..." I learned about them when listening to Melissa's podcast, and made it a point to try them out, as I usually bypass the frozen pre-made food section at the store because NOTHING IS COMPLIANT. I was happy to have them, and I think I will pick a few up every time I go to Walmart now. They aren't the most delicious things on the planet for sure, but they are quick and compliant and that is all that matters some days. Plus no dishes!

I am feeling a bit better today, but it has been a total bummer getting sick the last week of this round! I can't shove medicine in, so I've been relying on mint tea with no honey to soothe my sore throat. I did get around to making some bone broth in my instant pot today, it is currently cooling on my counter, waiting to cure what ails us.....

After some serious reflection, I have decided to continue Whole30-ish eating past the 30 days & hold off on a formal re-introduction. I think I will hop on the scale on Oct 1 just to get a read in case someone asks me how much weight I've lost, but after that-- I'm gonna hide that thing in the basement until Halloween. I feel like I just need more time to get control of my eating habits, and I am also quitting smoking Oct 1 & I am so ready :) 

October will hold some more challenges as I have a 4 day work trip to an all inclusive resort in Mexico-- EEK! These things always have a tendency to turn into a drunken pool party after 6 pm--should be fun to watch. I am going to try to stay as compliant as possible but I know that there will be some things out of my control. Airports aren't the best places to find a healthy option-- I am open to any advice on this front! I am kinda excited for the challenge, as I often have a hard time making good choices when food is "free." I may have to fill my suitcase with chomps bars. I may have a glass of wine with dinner.... I may not.... I'll have to really evaluate how important it is to me when that time comes. I think I will be ready. 

I've been loving how I feel--looser clothes, no pain in my joints, and I love that I have been meal planning-- All in all, I can't remember a time when I felt this good. 

Thank you for your support all this time! I really love reading your comments and recipe shares!

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Happy September 30th! 

Congrats to all who complete their Whole30 today, like me!

@Maggieb123Thanks for sharing about the Walmart Whole30 bowls--I am gonna check those out.  Like you, I think I am going to continue on with the Whole30 guidelines for a while longer and like you, I am going to hide my scale as I have noticed in the past that the number on the scale seems to equate somehow to license to eat for me--"oh, down 4 lbs, ok, well then I don't have to be that good today." 

I like how I feel on this regimen and it seems to really make sense for me.  That said, I am also looking at what my re-intro should look like, whether I add back some high protein dairy or legumes--not sure yet but I want it to be something that I have missed and will feel like a win when I add it back but will still be healthy for me--in other words, NOT sugar.  

Good luck to everyone else who will be completing today or this week.  It is a really big accomplishment!

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Today is day 31 for me and I'm still pretty stoked about the whole program. @NoreenM62, @Maggieb123 is right about those Walmart microwave bowls. They don't suck. I add riced cauliflower to them to bulk them up or I'll eat something with them - like maybe a few baby russet potatoes or some green beans. At 'my' Walmart they aren't with the Lean Cuisines, they're on a different aisle with the paleo stuff. 

I haven't added any foods back in yet. The first thing will probably be quinoa or possibly oatmeal. I know I'm burnt out on eggs. Congrats to everyone who's finishing up their 30 and good luck to us all - that we can maintain the gains and losses we've made. I lost 9.8 pounds and my mind is blown. 

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@NoreenM62, @Maggieb123@Danna W Congratulations on completing your Whole30!! It sounds like you've achieved some amazing NSVs (and SVs)! Congrats again!

Today is my last day and I'm planning to finish strong! I feel good, my skin is clear, I feel in control of my food choices, and I know I've lost weight. All good things!

I, too, don't have a formal plan for reintroductions but will probably just try my hand at this food freedom thing and eat stuff as it comes up and I decide I want it. Has anyone read Food Freedom Forever? I own it but haven't bothered to read it yet... 

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On 10/1/2019 at 11:36 AM, kirbz said:

Has anyone read Food Freedom Forever? I own it but haven't bothered to read it yet... 

I've started it but only finished Part 1 - 5 chapters that I would say are more introduction and about the reset (Whole30 or otherwise). I've just gotten to Part 2 that talks about Food Freedom. I've kind of enjoyed just reading articles on here more than the book, but I think Parts 3-5 will be helpful (having just glimpsed through them)

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Hi!!!  I started my first Whole30 on Sept 30....planned Oct 1st but was excited so jumped in :-). Ummmmmmm I think I’m doing it wrong. The food is delicious (I’m mostly following Melissa’s book), I’m not tired, and except a four hour period of rage on day 3 I haven’t had any of the “timeline” feelings (no flu etc). Plus I’m never hungry. I’m afraid I’m eating too much???  I’m following the meal guide (5 oz of meat, tons of veggies and ~2 tbsp fat at each meal). Has anyone heard of someone GAINING weight on the program?  I FEEL better so that is nice but good heavens, I need to lose 10 pounds not gain it!!!  (I haven’t weighed myself just going on “feelings”). 

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Hi @Hopingandtrying! I don't necessarily think you're doing it wrong just because your feelings and experiences don't align with the timeline. I never feel anything on the timeline either! Like, quite literally, none of it fits me at all. 

Generally speaking, your meals should leave you feeling satisfied for 3-4 hours. If you find that you're still full even after that many hours, maybe you could try eating a little less. The template is a guideline and this is intended to be an experiment so don't be afraid to mix it up and try new things! 

If you're really concerned, you could definitely create a post with a detailed description of what you've been eating and drinking and the moderators can give you some feedback! They're really wonderful about that! 

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Hope everyone is doing well.  Checking in here to share what have become two of my favorite recipes this time through:

Also, I weighed myself yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks since starting 9/1 and I've lost the 10 pounds I was hoping to lose this time around.  I am committing here on this string and to myself to continue on with my Whole 30 regimen as I feel best when I do.  Even though it is a lot more work, it feels so worth it.  This includes hiding my scale as right away, post weighing myself yesterday, my rationalizations started popping up and I ate some dark chocolate last night.  No, not just "some" dark chocolate but a lot.  Sugar sets off addictive behavior in me, there is just no denying it and it goes beyond the scale--my food freedom depends on it--so the best thing for me to do is to just stay away from it.  I don't want to lose the momentum I've gained from the past 6 weeks; it would be a waste of time and effort. 

Thanks to all for your support and posts.  



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