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Day 22 - low energy, continued joint pain, no weight loss

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I’m on Day 22 and so far no progress. My goals were all-day energy (not “bouncing off the walls” energy but I don’t want to need a nap in the afternoon), reduced joint pain, and weight loss (not positive I haven’t lost weight because I haven’t weighed myself but my clothes fit the same and I feel every bit as big.)

I follow the portion sizes on the meal template very closely. A typical day for me is below. I workout 5 days a week so obviously my 2 rest days don’t include pre and post-workout meals.

Pre-workout - 1 protein size chicken breast with .5 tablespoon compliant mayo 

Post-workout - 1 can tuna or 2-3 pieces of turkey lunch meat with compliant guacamole (wholly guacamole single) and a banana

Breakfast - omelet (2 eggs and about 1/3 cup egg whites, spinach, 1 piece turkey lunch meat) and 8 asparagus spears wrapped in 2 slices compliant bacon

Lunch - 2 protein portions, Brussel sprouts air fried with pecans, and sometimes spaghetti squash 

Dinner - 2 protein portions, broccoli & onion

Snacks - I feel like I’m constantly hungry in the afternoon (nothing new for me) so I usually have 1 snack which is a few mandarin oranges and a boiled egg, 1 Larabar, bell peppers with guacamole (if I haven’t already had guacamole) or another banana with almond butter


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It looks like you're possible light on fats (fats especially would help with the constantly hungry part) and vegetables - think like 2-3 cups of veggies a meal.  The fats you list with lunch and snacks seem possible heavy on nuts (pecans, larabars, almond butter)- a lot of people have problems with nuts and it's recommended to have the equivalent of a closed handful every other day or so.

You might want to try, for the post workout, putting in some sort of starchy vegetable instead of a banana - sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.

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