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My favorite NSV


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I have done several Whole30's and eventually stray and come back. I try my best to remember all the NSV's that make me so happy, but that I slowly discount as I'm falling face first into ice cream or beer. 

What I get the happiest with is how my skin clears up. I am 34 years old and struggle with acne. I don't care how old you are, blemishes suck. Self esteem is difficult at any age, and I will notice a point during my Whole30's where I don't mind getting my picture taken, looking at myself in the mirror, or putting on makeup. It's a subtle change. First the rosy cheeks fade a bit and I feel like my made-up face starts to look better. Then I start to naturally use less foundation, then I realize I haven't had a zit in 10 days.

I had a couple pictures taken of myself this weekend while going to a concert with friends. I didn't think twice about it as far as being self-conscious. The best part was that I looked really happy in the pictures! I need to tag all my pictures that are from when I'm doing a Whole30 just to prove to myself later that my happiest moments are likely during a time when I'm taking care of myself and treating my body with respect. 


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Oh man, I love this NSV!  I'm also 34 and have done a whole30 before and this was the major thing that I noticed - not only did my face clear up, but the ever-present breakouts on my BACK cleared up, which I'd basically resigned myself to having forever!

Looking forward to this hopefully happening again, I start my next round on September 2!

Thanks for sharing :) I love how you mention treating your body with respect, too.

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