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Day 43 exhausted


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Today is day43 and I extended because I felt I needed to but I have been exhausted. I’m in the forums a lot so I believe I am eating enough but here is meal sample. I’m also getting 9+ hours of sleep. 

Chorizo hash with 1 egg half alvacado 

Lunch chicken breast with 2 cups of zucchini or other veggies or left over dinner. Half alvacado 


broccoli and beef cooked in lots of fat but I will even eat half alvacado to be safe with fat. 

Im wondering about maybe FODMAPs. What can I do in the mean time to just have enough energy to take care of the kids? Cause I can’t just take a nap which is all I have strength for. 

I added in nightly tea with chamomile and it also has fennel. Could that be the culprit?

maybe I am vitamin deficient? Who knows 

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Are you getting any starchy veggies in there? None are mentioned ("hash" is a fairly generic term and I never assume what's meant by it) and it could be that you just need to boost that. My level of functioning is very low if I don't have at least a fist-sized serving of starchy veg daily, but honestly I get more than that (about 1.5) on a regular basis because it just plain helps me -- about half my daily intake with breakfast, to help me to get lunch, and the rest with dinner so I can sleep decently. If I'm coming up on my period, I'll have to start boosting carbs and protein (especially during that week) or I'm exhausted.

Since you mentioned you get 9+ hours of sleep... is it possible that you're sleeping TOO much during the evening? I only ask because I actually do better on 6-7 hours of sleep than I do on 8 or more. It sounds odd, but it's true.

I'd suggest maybe checking with your doctor about your iron level, too, because I know mine plays a BIG part in whether or not I'm floored on a daily basis.

I wouldn't think a nighttime tea would leave you exhausted during the day, but it's certainly possible and may be worth taking out for a bit to see what happens.

Honestly, there are a number of things it could be, and while we can poke and ask questions and see if you've thought about something, I'd say an honest discussion with your doctor might be in order if you're concerned, especially if you can't correct it fairly quickly with simple dietary changes.

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Thank you. I put 1-2 sweet potato in the hash and it is about 6-7 servings. I will pay attention to my intake of starchy veggies. I guess I just want to feel awesome now that I eat better but looks like it is going to take more fine tuning. I’m also going to start a food log and will talk to my Dr if I don’t wake up awesome tomorrow, which I am hoping for. 

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