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Way off the timeline? Day 19 prolonged stomach pain...

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Hi folks, I am on Day 19 of my Whole30 and need your thoughts/feedback! I've read a handful of posts about other people having digestion issues, but I think my experience is a little different and I'm just feeling concerned.

Before Whole30, I ate pretty "well." Very little sugar and not much junk food in general, normally ate what felt like a "healthy" balance of veggies, fruits, dairy, legumes, and grains, but most of my protein sources were plant-based. The main change for me has been no bread or cheese (or alcohol!) and a LOT more animal protein than my body was used to. The first two weeks were honestly easier than expected, just a slight "carb hangover" on Days 2 and 3 as predicted by the timeline in the Whole30 book, but never had the "Kill all the Things" or "My Pants are Tighter?!" phases and I enjoyed cooking beautiful meals and feeling full for hours. In just two weeks, I was actually feeling really strong and happy with the changes I noticed in the mirror.

Then, around Day 16 or 17, I started to have some stomach pain, often lasting all day. My breakfasts those days were eggs/sweet potatoes/homemade pork sausage/coffe and egg-veggie scramble/fruit/coffee. I live in Mexico City and had a friend visiting, so it was hard to make sure I ate three meals a day, and watching him eat so much delicious Mexican food (but even just his post-run protein bars) gave me mad cravings. The stomach pain has also made me really really want some saltines or toast (which is what I would normally eat to calm an upset stomach). This is day 3 of all-day pain, and today it hit right after I ate breakfast (a hamburger with a pile of tomatoes and avocado, plus ginger tea and a glass of water). The pain eases slightly when I eat, but honestly I haven't been hungry since the morning because I've been so uncomfortable. I feels sort of like gas pain in my lower stomach. Yesterday I thought it must be constipation (I had gone 2 or 3 days without a BM), but today was relieved to have one (though it was verging on diarrhea). Last night I also had my first "junk food" dream! Though it was literally just cheese and croutons in a salad :lol: 

All of this seems like I may just be two weeks off the suggested timeline, or maybe (based on other posts) I'm not eating enough fat? Either way, today the intensity and longevity of the stomach pain has propelled me to write this post. I'm disappointed because things were going so well for 14 days, and now this discomfort is making me "hangry" for off-plan foods because my brain thinks they will bring me relief... plus I feel concerned about how long these symptoms have lasted. Any and all feedback or suggestions are super appreciated! I will note that, living in Mexico, it is extra-difficult to find certain supplements or Whole30-compliant foods that are more specialized. Any time I buy something packaged, I read the ingredients, but I always worry that there may be off-brand ingredients that simply aren't included (I don't think companies are legally required to list ingredients that are less that 5% of the product or something like that).

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