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Day 8 new member - Stuck!


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Hi all!  Yay, I finally figured out that I needed to create an account in here!  I’m glad I’ve found you guys!  

I’m on day 8 and I still feel like I’m on the 3rd day.  I’ve got the brain fog, headache, and hanger.  There are 2 main things contributing to this, I believe.  First, I’m not eating enough protein or enough in general.  Second, which also leads back to 1, is I have major menu and cooking fatigue.  I’m picky so my protein choices are limited.  I think I’ve had eggs 7 out of 8 days and I’m sooo sick of them, it’s hard to get the whole meal down.  Same with chicken.  And the leftovers get all dry and hard to swallow, too.  Making meals that aren’t delicious makes me lose my motivation to cook.  I need sweet potatoes to have something bulky, but I can barely eat them now too.

I am definitely feeling the positives though too.  I’m less moody and irritable.  Despite the brain fog at times, I’m also able to think more clearly.  I know this is good for me, and I’m not going to give up.

 I’d love help with ideas for more on the go stuff (no jerky or compliant cold cut please!)  I’m even sick of my beautiful veggie and garlic aioli bento box!  I do home visits so I don’t have access to a microwave midday.   

Thanks for reading and for any tips or words of encouragement you can give!




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Hi Cathy!  You got past the first week, so congrats!!  This is my 3rd round, #2 was not successful :(  Finding different things to eat, when you are a picky eater, can be challenging.  I found that googling Whole30 meal plans, showed some really great recipes by different people.  Maybe you would find something there.  Do keep in mind that some of the recipes are not really Whole30 compliant, so just adjust it so you can eat it.  Not sure why they say they are Whole30 when not everything is.  But I found some great recipes.  

Good luck!!

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Hi Cathy!  I'm on day 12 now and doing fairly well.  I eat all the normal meats I used to eat, just grilled and plain now.  (Steak, pork chops, chicken, fish, shrimp)  Hitting them with a little salt and pepper is sufficient, and I'm kind of proud I'm not dragging every bite through a trough of sauce/dip.  You're right about the eggs, though.  I've had eggs every single morning for breakfast because I simply don't have time for and can't think of anything else.  For breakfast "sausage" I made some ground pork into patties and added some juice from the jar of jalapenos.  I grilled up enough to last a week and just heat them up in the microwave when the eggs are cooking.

I've been eating a lot of salads with all the normal stuff except no cheese, of course.  I got a dressing from Kroger that has Whole30 on the label.  The brand was "Primal" something or other, I think.  I also slice and sauté in ghee some yellow squash, zucchini, egg plant, Chinese pea pods (not all 4 mixed together, but I guess you could try that??)and seasoned with Coconut Aminos.    That stuff is awesome!!  I also julienne some potatoes and broiled them for homemade French fries.  Lord, I haven't had fries in YEARS and they are great!  I got a recipe from Well Fed for homemade ketchup and it is delish!! 

For my fruits, I'm enjoying a banana with every other bite adding a dollop of almond butter, walnut butter or pistachio butter.  (Walnut is my fave!)  And also fresh blueberries in a bit of coconut milk, the kind from the can in the Asian section of the store.  That stuff is also great!  Plus plenty of raw peaches, plums, carrots, grape tomatoes, green peppers. 

My last suggestion is olive tapenade.  My Kroger has a Murray's olive bar.  Olive tapenade is a mixture of different kinds of olives and red peppers all chopped up in oil.  I use this for a sauce or dip anytime my meat or vegetables seems too plain and dry. 

I haven't really tried many of the recipes from the book yet, other than ghee and mayonnaise.  I feel like my kitchen skills can hold me for now while I continue to develop and expand into Whole30.

I hope this helps!  Wait - one more suggestion!  I used to love a glass of wine with dinner, but now I'm having a glass of kombucha instead.  I've found only one brand that does not have added sugar on the label.  I've tried all the flavors and like the cranberry the best. 

Good luck!  We can do this.  NO, we ARE doing this!!  -Angelia

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Hi @CathyNO325!

I hope you made it thru the week! I just wanted to see if I could help you out with a few on the go food ideas. I am not opposed to cold lunch so I often pack things that don't need microwaving and they are perfect for days when I am on the road too. I know you said no cold cuts but have you seen Danielle Walker's #aagwhich? Check out the hashtag on IG. You could fill that with absolutely anything, add Whole30 mayo, mustard or whatever compliant sauce you prefer and have a great car meal. I love chomps sticks, almond butter packets, Costco organic hard boiled eggs that come 2 in a pack (I add mustard salt and pepper). I also make compliant chicken salad and tuna salad, add in whatever fruits or veggies you like, whole30 mayo and keep it in a cooler bag in the car. Guacamole cups with carrot chips from Costco and Medlie drinkable soups are also go to's for me. Whole30 compliant chicken sausage sliced up with a few potato chunks make a good meal too. Sliced cucumbers sprinkled with everything but the bagel seasoning from Trader Joes are always yummy. I hope that helps! Sounds like you got this! Keep it up!

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