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How do I know if I'm eating enough each meal?

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I am currently on day 8 (woo) of my first round of whole30 and have been doing pretty well! My only issue is that I am hungry pretty much 1-2 hours after my meals. I totally understand that my body is adjusting to my new diet and burning fat for energy, which will take more than 1 week, but after reading through some previous discussions, I am beginning to think that perhaps I'm not eating enough to keep me full? I had a pretty healthy diet prior to doing the program, and am also working out 5 days a week so my metabolism was pretty high to begin with. I must also add that I used to go through the day thinking that I NEEDED to eat something every 2-3 hours, whether it be a Quest bar or banana, so I'm not entirely sure if my body is just craving that constant sugar it used to receive OR if I need to eat more?


Today I had the following:

Coffee with a splash of nutpods and collagen proteins

breakfast was about 5 mini golden potatoes roasted with bell pepper topped with 2 over easy eggs and 1/2 avocado

I was hungry about 3 hours after eating breakfast, but it was only 10AM by that point so I had a banana (i know now that I shouldnt have done that :( )

lunch was about 3/4 cup - 1 cup carnitas with the other avocado 1/2 and some home made pico over romaine

then around 3PM my stomach was growling again as if I hadnt eaten all day!

I keep some beef jerky and raw almonds at my desk for snacking emergencies and for when I go to the gym right after work, but I want to make sure that I get the full benefits from this and look forward to being completely un-reliant on those periodic snacks. Thanks in advance for all of the help!!

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Have you seen the meal template, you can download it here:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/

First, don't have coffee before your breakfast because it can be an appetite suppressant. When eggs are your only protein have as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand, which is probably 3-4, so try adding another egg or a bit of some other protein with breakfast. It would be fine to have the whole avocado instead of just half as well. 

With lunch, maybe include some bulkier vegetables than just the romaine.  Add stuff to the salad, like bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, radishes, jicama, beets, tomatoes, potatoes or sweet potatoes.


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