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Vitamin and Supplement confusion


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I’m on day 3 of my first whole 30. I read last night about some medications that are not ok on this. I take prescriptions, a multivitamin, several supplements, and several Acetaminophen pills every day. This is my first time doing Whole 30, and I want to be completely compliant, mainly because of how sick I’ve been feeling. Looking at my vitamin, supplements, and pain pill I see things that are not compliant in all of them. However, I’ve had several surgeries on my stomach and my absorption level is low. I’ve been told to take a multivitamin (woman’s formulation daily), iron (365 Ferrous Sulfate daily), D3 (5000 mg daily), B12 (5000 mg daily), and Calcium (500 mg 3x daily). I just am not sure what’s compliant and what’s not. I’m not worried about my prescription meds, they trump anything I could find wrong with them. I’m also not in a place where I can stop taking my supplements or pain relief (Acetaminophen is the only pain reliever that I can take), I just want to know if there are forms out there that are completely ok with the program. I also usually take biotin and keratin daily, but I can go without those. Included are all the ingredients in my vitamin, supplements, and pain relief...



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Doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules, so if your doctor has said to take certain supplements, you should continue to take them.

For whole30 purposes, I would switch out the D3 for something that doesn't have the soybean oil and corn oil, I know there ate ones that are olive oil based, they might be a better option. You can set the ones you have aside, and if you don't react to soy or corn in reintroductions, use them after your whole30 is done. That should be fairly easy to find. Unless your doctor has specifically said you need to take that particular one for some reason, then do what the doctor says or at least be sure you check in with them before you make a change.

For the others, go with what you have. You can always research and see if there are better options available, but you can do that as you're running out and needing to buy more. 


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Thanks, Shannon, for your awesome answer. Since stomach surgeries can affect absorption, your doctor is just looking out for the best for you.

To tag onto something Shannon said, you could do research to see if there are other supplement options available (with, of course, your doctor's approval). For example, for the MVM,  there may be professional type brands that have less fillers  and / or dyes. Have malabsorption issues, I find the although I pay more, the professional supplements are better absorbed, and thus work better. This thought isn't necessarily supported by everyone.

As far as access to professional brands, I have found some at the local health food stores or certain grocery store chains. If you have a chiropractor, dietician or other similar type provider, they may be able to get you connected with a company which you can order from directly. In my community we have a health care school with a book store that sells supplements. Anyone can buy from the store.

Good luck!

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