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Sodium SulFATES

Sarah Schmidt

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I can't give a definitive answer, but can say that sodium sulfate is a sulfiting agent... at least according to this article:
To quote from that article,
"Examples of sulfiting agents include sulfur dioxide, sodium sulfate, sodium and potassium bisulfites, and metabisulfites."

HOWEVER -- I can also say that someone posted on the forum asking about it, because the program rules didn't exclude sulfates as  but the Official Can I Have? Guide DID (in parentheses behind sulfites, as "or sulfates"). The guide shows it was updated the next day, and now there's nothing about sulfates in either the guide or the official rules... so that would make me think sulfates are fine.

Take that for what you will, and maybe a mod can say for certain :).

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To add to the excellent advice of @Jihanna there is sauerkraut WITHOUT this ingredient (which can be added to food to affect the acitity and also the color). Why not buy that? (You can save this for after Whole30). For myself, if I were ever in doubt about an ingredient in a food during Whole30, I did not buy it/eat it.

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