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Manuka Honey Mask


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Good morning!

I am excited to start my 6th Whole30 on Sept 1st!

Silly question- I use some natural- but- non-compliant things in my skincare routine- one of them being manuka honey. I use these things for skincare because I know my skin absorbs whatever I put on it. So, with that logic, I shouldn't use any non-compliant skincare products during my Whole30... correct? Has anyone ever been so strict as to ask this before?  Thank you for your feedback!

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Skin absorbs whatever you put on it.
So it would make sense to require high-quality standars (such as organical, or grass-fed if it's an animal fat).

The Whole30 restricts food in order to avoid systemic issues, most of them originated in the gut.
Since "food" you put on your skin does not get anywhere near your gut, it does not make any difference at all if it's compliant or not.

I suggest you reading It Starts With Food, it explains the reasons why some food must be removed from your diet during the Whole30.

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