Collagen Peptides - are they worth it?

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I'm preparing for my 3rd Whole 30 (Sept 2, 2019) know, gathering the essentials and such.  I've never used collagen peptides and was wondering if it's worth the added expense.  I'm doing this Whole 30 in a more simple and budget-friendly manner this time.  What are the benefits short and long term?  I've done some research and reading have no "real life" experience with this item.  If it's a part of your life, I would love to hear your input.  Thanks! - Di

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I tried the capsules for awhile and they did nothing for me. So I then tried the collagen peptide powder to put in my tea and I had a terrible reaction from it. Mainly because there were 5 different types of Collagen in the powder and I'm very sensitive). So it's tricky on finding what works, but I know a lot of people have said, collagen powders have made their hair, skin and joints feel better. Remember organic Bone Broth has Type II collagen in it, which is the strongest building block of all the collagens. That's all I drink now to help replace my collagen. As far as taking peptide supplements along with collagen, not sure.

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I am a woman of about 40 years with some signs of aging that we all have. Big pores, wrinkles, aging skin, joint pain - that's all the most interesting ... It's not serious, but my body is demonstratively aging. I know that changes in the body just can't happen right away, and there is no miracle cure for aging, but I really feel that collagen has been a great addition to my health regimen, and I'm happy with the results I've seen. Sure, I don't look 20 anymore, but I really think I've taken a vacation for at least 5 years and I'm feeling really good, that's a pretty good reason for me to keep using collagen.

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