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Gaining Weight??


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Hey Community!

I wanted to check in with everyone because I feel neurotically concerned. 

I have spent the last 10 years on again/off again some serious calorie restricted diets (between 500 - 900 per day). I am doing the Whole30 (day 13) as a way to reset my body and try and build a relationship with food and health that focuses on what is good for me, not what makes me the thinnest person. 

That said, I still have a desire to look a certain way and while I am not worried about being as thin as I used to be, I am still concerned that my body is swelling from the extra fat and calories I am putting in. Any advice or ideas? I know I am not supposed to count calories during the Whole30, but I am nervous about what might be happening. 

Thanks for any input you might have.


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If you've been limiting calories that much, and now you are eating a normal amount of calories, you will probably gain some weight at first as your body adjusts. If you continue eating healthy food in healthy amounts, your body will adjust and settle at a healthy weight. I mean, there's a little more to health than just food -- sleep, activity, stress levels, etc. -- but in general, eat healthy foods in healthy amounts and you will ultimately be healthy. 

If you have not, I would strongly encourage you to find a counselor to speak to. I suspect if you've spent 10 years doing that kind of extreme dieting off and on, someone trying to reassure you on the internet is probably not going to totally change your outlook, but a good counselor can help you with these kinds of things, and you deserve to be happy and healthy, so please consider finding someone to talk to if you haven't already.

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