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Tocaya Organica in LA


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No experience with them, but I'd definitely suggest giving them a call (during what you expect is a non-peak hour) or, better yet, using the contact form on their website to ask questions related to "allergen information" and whether or not you'd be able to build your own salad using ingredients that you can have at this time.

What you're basically looking for is the the ingredients of marinades and dressings, full list of what's in any salsa or guac type stuff, etc. When you actually go to eat, have a hand-written (or typed out) list of exactly what you want along with the reason why (you're currently doing an elimination diet to pinpoint food allergies and intolerance, listing exactly which things you're avoiding). That way, they can see the reason AND have a reference for what you've ordered, therefore no reason to get it wrong... and if you've unknowingly ordered something they know does have an avoided ingredient, they will (hopefully) let you know before preparing the dish.

One note -- it states that they've got vegan cheese (I saw mozz, might be others). I would personally avoid this during Whole30 (especially if it's your first one and you don't know yet if you've got dairy issues) because eating "cheese" made with compliant ingredients tells our brains that cheese is okay (same concept as a pancake is a pancake is a pancake, whether made with wheat flour, coconut flour, or banana/eggs). That said, vegan cheese can be delicious and somewhat easy to make at home, and I do highly recommend playing with recipes AFTER W30, especially if you do find out you've got dairy issues :D 

Good luck to you! It does look like they should have some good options, so I hope it works well for you!

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