Monday 9/9/19 State Date- anyone else?


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On 10/9/2019 at 4:33 PM, Mirasaur said:

I'm still here. 

I think I've been enjoying my whole 30 journey. I haven't weighed myself yet, but to be honest, I don't think my clothes got looser. I think this experience showed me that I can do a lot of things that I set my mind to. My main reason to start this was to quit sugar, and I think Whole 30 has really been helpful for me to achieve this goal. I don't really have strong sugar craving now, yes I still think desserts look yum, but I now find it much easier to say no to them. 

The things I miss most is rice. And no, cauli rice is NOT rice. I'm Asian and I think this is something I will not give up. I also really miss wine. I miss the social aspect of having a glass of wine with coworkers after work. Life is also about pleasure, so I will definitely keep wine in my life. 

My goal for after Whole30 is to continue my no added sugar diet, unless it's a very special occasion.  I'm also really happy that now I don't really snack between meals anymore, which is perfect preparation for my Invisalign treatment scheduled to start next month.

That's awesome Mirasaur! Good job! I'm trying to figure out how to navigate eating post whole30. I definitely want to eat all the bad things I've cut out but I need to be more mindful of quantity and how often. I think I'll try to stick to whole30 meals twice a day and maybe relax on one- letting myself have the things I've cut out but know I won't want to be without forever.

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On 10/8/2019 at 8:42 PM, Melinaka said:

Laurenacc, what do I win?:lol:


I think that's what I'll eat. I need it. Tired of nuts LOL and my digestion is slower with them... despite all the veggies and fruit!

Peanuts AND chickpeas all on the same day? You rebel :D

Melinaka- you have quinoa yet? Was it glorious? 

My legume reintro yesterday was nothing exciting...peanut butter with apple was fine- but honestly, I just prefer almond butter more. And hummus was fine, but it wasn't a thrilling experience eating it- like...I wasn't excited for it. And the chickpea pasta was kinda gross so I barely ate any. And I felt incredibly tired after the, my eyes were drooping at 8:30pm :blink:

BUT, I did weigh-in yesterday morning. Lost 12.6 lbs...3lbs less than I normally lose during my first 30 days (in my 2 previous resets, lost exactly 15.6 both times). So while I should be happy, I'm a little disappointed. Meh. I definitely have more to lose this time around so I'm bummed I lost less. Oh well- still 8 more days to go for me. Next reintro will be gluten-free grains on Saturday. Gonna have oatmeal with breakfast, corn tortilla chips with lunch, and brown rice pasta with dinner. 

Ok, I'm beat...heading to bed.

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Woohoo! Today is Day 40! AKA my last day of Whole30 and Reintro! It's been a wild ride, y'all! I'm going to do another weigh-in tomorrow morning, take pics & measurements. Hoping I lost a few more pounds...I've also upped my workouts this week. I'll def be back again in 6 months as usual, it feels too good to not revisit a few times a year. Plus I always seem to fall off the wagon at some point :blink:


As of now, my plan is to definitely eat 1-2 whole30 meals a day moving forward beyond my whole30. And 1 meal per day I'll relax and allow myself whatever I want. Feeling good, my hair feels strong and shiny, skin has cleared up a bit, obviously lost some weight and my clothes are fitting so much better. Have less anxiety, just feeling amazing in general. YAY! I love it when I feel this way every 6 months, haha!

I'll pop back on tomorrow to update on final stats. How's everyone doing? Anyone else still doing reintro? Continuing longer? Hope everyone feels good :)

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Hi Laurenacc!

What a fabulous post! You give me strength and inspiration. 

I've tried several things on reintro and discovered new things about my allergies. 

I lost 5lbs on W30. I need to do another and focus on integrating other more important changes to my diet and lifestyle. Definitely seeing that hormone changes have made diet changes necessary. :( omg getting older sucks. The lbs don't melt off as easily anymore! 

W30 made me realize that sugar is absolutely horrid. Sinus issues etc. Love how I felt (clean) after whole 30!

Gearing up for the next round... wishing I could call it a round while eating quinoa and lentils (2 things my digestion needs and I know I'm not allergic to.)

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