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I'm Blanca and I'm on day 8 of my first  whole30. I'm definitely overweight and I've been having gallbladder issues that my doctor cannot explain for over a year now. I decided to try this because I'm tired of being tired and in pain daily. so far I haven't really struggled with cravings. I've noticed that I'm definitely getting more and better sleep, and that clothes & shoes are fitting better. however I have run into the speed-bump or pothole if you will, that is my  cycle. I've not been regular in about 8 or 9 years and this is the first time that I've had a cycle that is "on time". Anywho, I'm here looking for friends/support through the program, as I'm painfully shy in real life and have no friends I can talk to about my journey.

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Cycles suck. Really, they do. Especially during W30, because most of us have that go-to thing that we typically grab when we get all crave-y and cramped and irritated... and those things are almost never actually compliant, and even the compliant ones probably shouldn't be eaten quite the way we tend to eat them during period cravings ;) Been there, totally get that. Also all-too-aware that the dietary changes we make during W30 can (and often do) throw our cycles off a little -- for you, that might mean making it more predictable!

The very best thing I can suggest is to not give up. Periods make it SO EASY to want to toss in the towel, complete with the thought "It's only a week, I'll just pick it up again afterward..." It's worth it to make it through without giving in, it really really is.

You may find that you need to adjust your intake a bit during your cycle. I tend to need a boost in starchy veggies starting the week before, and once it starts I'm usually doing double the starchy veg (daily) and protein (per meal) compared to what I'd eat on any "normal" day (does anyone actually have normal days? I'm not sure I do! :D). Being conscious of getting enough iron helps me a lot also, because I know my iron tends to dip if I'm not careful, especially during that week. I also give myself a little more grace that week when it comes to fruit -- I will usually avoid it overall because it feeds my Sugar Dragon a bit too easily, but during that week I really love having huge salads (greens, shredded carrots, chopped up boiled eggs, olives, lots of other veggies) topped with fruit (diced apple or berries or something) and finished with a homemade fruity vinaigrette... something like that tends to meet my craving head-on without actually indulging in anything that I'll wind up regretting! :)

Good luck!

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