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First week almost down!

El Paco

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Day 6 was today and its been the most challenging. Went to visit fam and of course there was tons of food around and an invite to eat fast food burgers and I told my aunt I was on a food intolerance diet and she was extremely accommodating and understanding. For breakfast I made a huge omelette that I split up into three servings for breakfast during the week with chicken apple sausage, green peppers, mushrooms and Serrano peppers. I did not plan for lunch and soon I was starving at my family's house so I had an apple and a banana. Then I had a prickly pear salad with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, tuna salmon, Serrano peppers, habaneros and lime. That was not enough. I ran home to cook dinner, spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and eggplant, steamed spinach, and a grass-fed pork chop and all of that will also be part of my lunch tomorrow. I ate some olives stuffed with almonds and prunes throughout the evening as I cooked.

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