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Uses for Coconut Butter


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Hi LindsayO, 

I have used coconut butter to make “fat bombs” before - there are probably other recipes but this is one I’ve made previously to try to get enough food in my very athletic husband while he was doing a Whole30 with me. Omit the maple syrup for Whole30 and leave out the walnuts since you’re sensitive to nuts. There really didn’t taste sweet to me at all and I never wanted more than a serving at once, so I had no issues with feeling like it was a SWYPO treat - but if you feel these could wake up the sugar dragon for any reason, save them for your life after Whole30! https://whatgreatgrandmaate.com/blueberry-walnut-coconut-fat-bombs/

hope this helps! 

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5 hours ago, LindaMT said:

Couldn't you just put it on cooked veggies or cook you eggs in it?  I'm brand new here, so just throwing out idea's and learning more than throwing.  

Coconut butter (some brands call it coconut manna) is coconut, ground until it's smooth, like peanut butter is peanuts ground until they're smooth. It could be good melted onto some vegetables,  but it's definitely not for cooking in, for that you'd want coconut oil.

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