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Day 10 Stomach Pain and Nausea

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I am on day 10 of Whole30 as a first-timer and am starting to experience some really unpleasant symptoms that I am hoping are temporary but would like to solicit some help. Starting around Day 8, I have been experiencing sharp stomach pain. It feels crampy but then gets very intense. Its located right around the center of my abdomen. It is also accompanied by bloating. Beginning yesterday (day 9), I have also been constipated and nauseous. Constipation and bloating are things I deal with regularly so I am wondering if these symptoms might perhaps just be things getting worse before they get better (as I have seen is the case for many in the first 2 weeks), but the pain and nausea are beginning to be difficult to deal with. I weigh approximately 140lbs (haven't weighed myself in a few weeks, though) and have been drinking roughly 3L of water a day (in addition to black coffee and/or tea) and workout about 5x/week. Below is a sample of the meals I have had on Days 8 and 9:

  •  Day 8
    • Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs with sauteed spinach (about a third cup once cooked and wilted), roasted russett potatoes (about a quarter cup cubed and cooked) and ground turkey with diced jalepeno (probably only about an 8th of a medium pepper) and homemade taco seasoning (about a quarter cup of the cooked meat)
    • Lunch: Chinese Chicken Salad (link to recipe here: https://www.paleorunningmomma.com/paleo-chinese-chicken-salad-whole30/) and a handful of cashews
    • Dinner: About 6oz turkey tenderloin stuffed with butternut squash, cranberry and spinach (recipe here: https://www.skinnytaste.com/butternut-stuffed-turkey-tenderloin/; but I did not include the pecans) with a hefty side of green beans
  • Day 9
    • Breakfast: Same breakfast as day 8
    • Lunch: Leftovers from dinner on Day 8 (about the same proportions)
    • Dinner: Shredded buffalo chicken (just the chicken from the recipe found here: https://40aprons.com/healthy-buffalo-chicken-stuffed-sweet-potatoes-whole30/) and a banana (my stomach pain was so intense that I could not eat much more and the idea of eating vegetables was making me nauseous)


During the first few days I was eating a LOT more nuts and white potatoes and have seen in other forums that those could be culprits, so I cut them both out today and will see if that helps. Also, it does seem that maybe my healthy fats are low now that I am removing nuts, but I do not like avocado AT ALL so am struggling to find alternatives. Lastly, to mention, I do not eat red meat. Any thoughts/suggestions are VERY welcome :)

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The nuts may be the culprit, so hopefully you will find relief. Other thing to look at, what are you eating now that you did not have before?  It doesn't look like you are eating raw veggies, which can also cause those symptoms.

Other fat options: handful of coconut flakes (unsweetened), handful of olives, extra cooking fat you spoon onto your meal or a drizzle of olive oil or ghee on your sweet potato or other veggie.

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