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Killed and Boiled - Crabby day six

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This may not go here and if it doesn't I'm sorry. Still learinging forum. Also anyone know how to quit typing so fast and hitting the wrong key that I delete my mostly finished post? It makes me wanna smack me.

Right now I'm bloated and angry.

Could be too much broccoli and cucumber causing the bloat. But I feel like a bloated cow. an angry bloated cow. and that's not me. I am normally Miss Merry Sunshine.

I think I just wanna vent. Stress from work and a too long "to do list"

I am kinda mood swingy I think.

My head is a little dizzy but that could be allergies, I don't know. I was sick for a month in December and had to get a week of steriods, antibiotics and an inhaler. That put me up about 15 pounds over my normal weight.

I drank kefir after my antibiotics were finished and now I'm drinking kombucha. (half cup a day)

I have a mostly 80/20 paleo diet except the last week of the year, and rarely eat SAD.

I guess I'm normal, just feel awful bloated. Good thing I hid the scale.

Any good way to reduce the bloat? maybe eat some different veggies? (tomorrow will be sweet potato, carrots, onions, apple, spinach and maybe tiny tomatoes) (along with hamburger, venison and chicken and 2 measured TBS of almond butter.)

beverages =coffee with coconut milk, hot tea in various flavors and water.

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Day 6 and yes, I loved the timeline, makes me feel "normal" ;) Today I was fine, I think yesterday it was stress (big deadline) and lack of comfort habits. And prolly a wee bit of "he just needs killin" And that blasted bloat.

Woke up this am, and less bloat and good energy all day. So better I think.

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Lol, I love your username. It could be mine too.

Yup, feeling REALLY gross and bloated. I'm on day 7. I'm also usually cheery and active and right now I feel like a lazy couch (sweet) potato.

I'm off my break from dance class starting tomorrow (2 weeks holiday..woot!) and I thought I'd be going back feeling super and without the holiday bloat but instead...Well, you know because you're feeling it too. Thank goodness there's no scale allowed. :P

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