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Added Sugar in Kethups/Dressings etc


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In general, it's recognized that added sugars will find their way into reintroduction. It could be helpful to do a day of sugar reintro, just with "normal" added stuff, to see how it affects you -- it's not required by any means, but it can help to pinpoint whether or not certain reactions are definitely from a reintroduced product or if it could just maybe be from sugar.

I'd still avoid added sugars in between testing days, because those days should be fully compliant, but as long as added sugar is the only non-compliant thing in your ketchup (for example) then it shouldn't be an issue to use it on reintro testing days. That said, I actually prefer one of the tomato concoctions I made to go with meatloaf instead of store-bought ketchup, even after reintro ;) 

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