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no appetite in the afternoon/evening

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I'm looking for advice & ideas from people who've been though this - I am currently just 7 weeks pregnant and for the past couple of weeks my appetite is very changed and pretty much gone. I don't have issues with nausea/vomiting (yet) but seem to have stopped being able to eat all my usual favourite foods. I used to love eggs for breakfast and piles of broccoli, Brussel sprouts & green beans with just about everything; I used to get very excited about a huge salad with chicken & olives... now none of those things appeals to me and all I want to eat are very simple carbohydrates (porridge/oatmeal, even white toast (!), today what I really fancy is a cinnamon bagel :(). My appetite is completely gone in the evenings, I am just not eating the food I prepare any time after around 14:00 each day.

My question is, what have other people had success with? I accept that I'm not going to be doing any kind of fully compliant W30 for now but really do not want to subsist on white bread for the next 7.5 months! 


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