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approved drinks & beverages


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Drinks and beverages are technically "approved" if they have compliant ingredients. So, coconut water, fruit juice, and sparkling waters are approved if they don't have any non-compliant ingredients.  

But... some of these blur the lines of allowed and recommended. We're cautioned that these types of drinks don't take the place of drinking water, that we drink them with meals rather than on their own, and that we don't use them to prop up our sugar cravings or replace previous eating habits (i.e., I must have a sparkling water with meals to replace my can of coke). Coconut water is best used as hydration for athletic endeavors. Fruit juice is best used as a "sweetener" for sauces and doesn't really have much of a place to just drink alone. 

This resource has some helpful information: https://whole30.com/the-official-can-i-have-guide-to-the-whole30/

I hope this helps! I think I got all my facts straight. :-) 

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