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Hi JAnderson03!

Even if the ingredients were Whole30 compliant (which they are not), this is still something you would want to stay away from for the duration of your program. One of the biggest reasons for completing a Whole30 is to learn how to cook easy and tasty foods that you like and want to eat even after your Whole30 is over. 

Do you not like green veggies or veggies in general? If you’re not used to eating a lot of veggies, try masking them with foods you do like until you start to acquire a taste for them.  For example, slice up a bell pepper and dip in guacamole or stir cauliflower rice in to a spicy coconut milk curry, etc. A lot of people also enjoy oven roasted veggies, as they get nice and crispy instead of mushy and vegetabley tasting. :)

You can also try parring veggies with a crowd pleasing meat like bacon, chorizo, or beef. Here are a couple of recipes (full disclosure, the first link is my own site so I’m slightly biased lol). 




Hope this helps! Don’t be afraid to experiment and I’m sure you’ll find some veggies you enjoy! 

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On 9/6/2019 at 1:37 PM, Amura said:

On my humble opinion, Whole30 is great for picky eaters. It forces you to try new things.
I don't like tomato, but here I am eating it just because otherwise my salad would be too boring :rolleyes:

If you really, really dislike tomato, you don't have to eat it. If you've discovered you're okay with it, great!

Other things you can add to a salad to make it less boring:  chopped zucchini or yellow/crookneck/summer squash, radishes, chopped celery, grated carrots, pickles, sauerkraut, beets (roasted or pickled or steamed), jicama (if you've never tried this one, do, it gives you a bit of crunch like an apple's texture, but not so sweet, just peel it and chop it up), leftover roasted sweet potatoes or potatoes, avocado, snap or snow peas, sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower (blanch them if raw tends to make you gassy), occasionally some nuts or seeds, the fried ginger or crispy shallots in this recipe: https://meljoulwan.com/2014/12/26/paleo-gado-gado-recipe/.  There's a whole bunch of other ideas here:  http://meljoulwan.com/2014/06/25/great-ingredients-recipe-required/. There's definitely no reason to have boring salads, or to eat something you truly dislike just to avoid them.


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