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Keng's Whole30 journey :) starting on monday 9th septembre

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Hello everyone! 

After internet researches & reading the whole30 book, I finally decided to start my whole30 journey on this coming monday 9th septembre !

Ive been looking for a sustainable and safe way to lose weight, Ive been diagnosed with disk protrusion (kinda similar to herniated disk) - dégénérative disk disease L5 S1 & lumbar arthritis, & for a 29 yrs old gal, i know thats not normal. doctors told me to exercise but its not that easy when your in pain. They suggested me to lose some weight. Tried no carbs/keto but i just didnt feel it.. so I decided to take Paleo / whole30 a try

Wish me luck to this journey. ill prepare my appartement & kitchen to be ready steady on Monday youhoo!

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