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Day 26

So haven't been logging my food much lately but have also hit a point where non Whole 30 food has been on my mind all of a sudden. At the same time I have starting snacking a little, this is usually on nuts or fruit so still compliant. Not sure why exactly this is happening although some of my lunches have been a little light on which may have led to the late afternoon snacking. From what I've read on the forum as well thinking of non compliant food isn't completely unusual at this stage of the program. So to try and not drift off the Whole30 eating plan I'm going to go back to logging my food everyday.

Some successes and good things to share:

  • I'm in love with broccoli. Yes, its true we are having an affair and I wonder why I didn't appreciate this delectable veggie sooner.
  • After feeling like my sleeping wasn't really improving all of a sudden it is. I still toss and turn a bit but am finally waking up refreshed at about 5am each day and able to get a few things done before I go to work (which is sometimes just catching up on reading). Yippee!! This is a real change from the first 2 weeks of the program where I dragged myself out of bed and literally couldn't function until I had coffee. Seriously, outside of Whole30 I didn't have this problem but it was terrible and I was miserable. So great turn around.
  • Meat and vege at breakfast time is becoming an everyday thing (rather than having an egg or sausage based brekky). This really started last weekend while ex-Cyclone Oswald and its rain and gale force 100 kilometre an hour winds were making its way past my beautiful city and I was stuck inside. This meant I couldn't get my usual weekend brekky!. So……I made comfort noodles (zucchini noodles, eggs, garlic oil and almond crunchies). Pretty much since then I have just had a standard meat and vege based on breakfast. This is a great way to start the day!
  • I went out to lunch with a colleague and was a bit worried about what to eat. Ended up being able to create my own meal of poached eggs, avocado and steamed vegetables (no butter thank you). It was the envy of my colleague too who said she didn't know you could order that. Went out for dinner last night, did something similar getting steak and steamed veges. Not so good. Some people like to make sure the veges are dead and by that I mean cooked until almost mush. Oh well.
  • While I have had thoughts of non-compliant food just in the last few days. I also realized that I have stopped looking to food to entertain me. This is a great step for me and I think the satisfying quality of the meals I am eating helps with this.
  • I'm so glad not to be fixated on calories – overhead a conversation with some colleagues about their calorie counting, what they can and can't have, all their diet products. So glad my eating doesn't need to be that complicated.
  • I am also in love with sweet potato (don't tell the broccoli)!!

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Okay, food log for today:

  • Mini brekky - 1 palm roast lamb, small handful of cherry tomatoes, 1/2 thumb mayo
  • Brekky - 2.5 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 5 mushrooms, sprinkle of olive oil
  • Lunch - 1 palm of atlantic salmon grilled, 1/4 sweet potato fried in oil, green beans, handful of cherries.
  • Dinner - 2 palms roast lamb, 1/4 sweet potato fried in oil, broccoli, 1 thumb mayo.

Also, went for the first ride in ages even though cycling is one of my favourite activities. This is thanks to my cousin who suggested it. Hopefully the first of many to come.

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Here goes:

  • Brekky - 1 palm of left over roast lamb, 2 slices of sweet potato, 1/2 carrot, 3 florets of broccoli
  • Lunch - 1 palm of atlantic salmon, mayo, 1/2 carrot, 4 florets of broccoli, 2 florets cauliflower
  • Dinner - 1.5 palms of roast lamb, 2 slices of sweet potato, mayo, 1/2 carrot, 4 florets of broccoli, 2 florets cauliflower, 2 big slices of watermelon
  • Black Coffees x 3

Also, observations from today are that I seem to be falling asleep more easily and waking up earlier and more refreshed. I have also been thinking that I don't have a strong desire to bring bread back into my diet. Last time I struggled not having toast for brekky (I really missed it) and then it was was one of the first things I started eating regularly after the whole30, specifically toast with eggs and avocado on toast. Now, I don't really have a desire for it all and am happy (even when I go out) to eat brekky without the toast. I felt a similar way about dairy after my last Whole30 and didn't get back into the habit of eating it even 4 months later. Hopefully bread will be the same.

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Day 29 - Guess what! I blew it

So, 29 days into 60 days and I blew it by not being vigilant enough with an entree selected at lunch. If I'm being honest I knew I should have been asking more questions and chose not to until I got home and was thinking more about it. I rang the restaurant and had it confirmed that the sweet potato felafel's had both chickpeas and some sort of flour in it (although the latter was probably gluten free).

I think this happened partly because I let myself be lulled into a false sense of security because the waiter knew I was looking for gluten free / dairy free meals and so I didn't ask as many questions about specific items as I should. The other part of why it happened was because my lunch partner was excitedly ordering from the menu (which is amazing) and I think I got wrapped up in the excitement and secretly wanted to indulge to be part of that excitement. Funny thing is that i had just been telling someone that one of the things I missed was sharing in that excitement people get from indulging - this is not so much about the food but the emotion around the food.

I have eaten out a few times recently and each time had an internal struggle over ordering something compliant or something that I told myself was only borderline but in reality wasn't compliant. This was the first time I made a non-compliant choice (even if only because I didn't ask the questions I should have).

Lesson learnt there. If I weren't on the Whole30 it wouldn't matter so much - I had 2 felafel's about the size of an average meatball but the chickpeas I think mean I need to restart. Not sure I am up for 60 days but will definitely start another 30 days.

Watchout for a new log.....and a new 30 days.

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