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Hello!  My name is Juli.  I am planning on starting Whole30 on Monday, September 9th.  Went grocery shopping today and spent a LOT, planning on doing some meal prep tomorrow, and I'm off and running on Monday.  I'm notoriously bad at "diets", so I'm hoping changing a whole lifestyle will be more successful.

I have been recently diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, an auto-immune arthritis, that has been kicking my tush.  I am on medication that helps, but hoping that a major diet change will help by pulling more inflammation out of my body.  I would like to get back to doing the things I enjoy, and I am hoping this will help.  


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For me, any time I think of this as "a diet" my brain immediately starts to rebel and scream for ice cream and chocolate bars.  Call it a "inflammation elimination experiment" or whatever works to get you through.  

Try to keep it simple at first.  Your meals don't have to be elaborate to be considered compliant.  And go easy on yourself, there is a real learning curve to this program.  


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