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An unfavorable digestion issues appears!

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Hi all! First time on Whole30, and I am 6 days in. I have been doing great so far, aside from the past two days, I have had some interesting BMs. I know everyone loves talking about poop, so, let me just dive right in on my introduction post, haha.

So I was having some pretty hard to pass ones (due to gluten- I know that it affects my stools and makes them beastly), and so upon getting on the Whole30, I noticed that everything started to, pardon the pun, smooth out a little. And then, I had some weird diarrhea this past Saturday and noticed I had some undigested food particles. It weirded me out, but I kind of thought maybe I had a weird bug, because there was some stomach cramping with it and someone at work's husband had a stomach thing. Yesterday was better, and then this morning, I had more undigested stuff. It was more solid at first, but then went a little...not solid. And my tummy just feels kind of like I could go at any random moment. 

So my question is: can this be my body just adjusting to the whole30? I have done paleo and low carb before, but never anything to quite this level. Is there something I could be doing wrong? Do I need more of something or less of something else?

Any insight would be helpful! I want to get this situation under control if I can, haha.

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Hi Steph,

  Sorry this is troubling you.

Can you post a few days of exactly what you've eaten and drank? That may help us pinpoint if it's something your system isn't digesting well.

Raw veggies, nuts can be harder to digest. Cooked veggies are better and skip the nuts if you're having issues.

It may also be that your gut is off and could use the aid of some digestive enzymes. 


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Let me see if I can remember! I wrote it down, but once it's eaten, I kind of let it go haha 

Tuesday: Breakfast was 2 eggs, half an avocado, tomato, and 2 of those little yukon potatoes cut up and air fried until crispy with a big glass of water with ACV. Lunch was Tuna with Franks Red, avocado and an apple. Dinner was some of a whole chicken that my husband had roasted, and lots of veggies. The rest of the week was similar, but I can remember more of what I ate Friday on (because I was the primary cooker), and this was around when the stomach stuff began, on Sunday. Friday: breakfast was 2 eggs, 1/2 avocado and an apple, lunch was acidentally skipped because I had to get my sons down for a nap after I got home from work and then had to cook for company coming over. Dinner was buffalo chicken thighs, roasted eggplant, roasted potato wedges, sauerkraut. I can't remember what was Saturday morning or for lunch because I had to do groceries. My first week was not as planned as this week has been- I learned that without planning, I end up not eating enough. Saturday's dinner was grilled hamburger patty (1) with egg plant bun, sauerkraut, pickles, and a homemade potato salad whole30 compliant (used homemade mayo, boiled eggs, and some onion). Sunday's dinner was tuna salad in half a large red pepper, sauerkraut, green beans, and air fried broccoli. Breakfast was a piece of breakfast casserole I made for this week, which had 6 eggs, broccoli, spinach, homemade turkey sausage, onion, and red bell pepper over a layer over very thinly mandolin'd potatoes for a crust. I have had that each morning with half an avocado, tomato, and sauerkraut and a glass of water with AVC or a seltzer water. Lunch has been left overs from the dinner before. Dinner Monday was buffalo chicken thighs, riced cauliflower, and sauteed squash with sauerkraut (I love fermented cabbage apparently, haha). Dinner Tuesday night was shepherds pie with sweet potato on top and a keto slaw that was compliant with apples and pears sauteed in coconut oil with some coconut butter on top.

I have gotten somewhat better, so maybe it is clearing up some. I have since learned I needed to better understand what a serving size of eggs is for me, so I will make sure to watch that, as well as being mindful of my plate balance with proteins, fats, and veggies. I rarely eat nuts and we don't keep nut butter at all in the house now, because it can be a food with no breaks for my husband and I. I have a sensitivity to almonds, so I don't do much of those ever anymore. I do some raw veggies, like cucumber, onion, and tomatoes. 


Sorry this was so bumbled! This next week will be more clearly planned since I have a little bit of a hold on how to do this now   

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