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First Journal


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I've started several Whole30s in the past, never fully compliant (cheese and coffee cream...), but ended each with renewed enthusiasm for better eating and improved overall well-being.  It's been nearly 5 years since I last did a reset, though.  

In those 5 years, I spent the first 4 walking the line of healthy eating.  I often told myself that as long as I stayed away from bread and pasta I was good.  While that kept me in check to some extent, I was still finding myself eating way too many convenience foods.  The Panera salad soon became Buffalo Wild Wings and somehow morphed into Arby's Market Fresh sandwiches (healthier than the roast beef ones, right???).  I slowly gained 20-30 pounds.  And then this past January I had a personal incident occur that threw me completely off-track.  I didn't care about eating right, ate whatever I wanted.  Gouged on pasta, bread, cookies, fast food.  It didn't matter.  I went to therapy for a few months which helped me regain a more positive mindset, but still didn't bring me all the way back.  I had a health issue which I thought was stress-related, but after several follow-up visits, I was put on medication for hypertension (in July).  The only real lifestyle change I made between my first doctor's visit in April and the addition of medication was increasing my intake of water.  Even though I kept telling myself I was going to walk more, get back in the gym (I was a member of a CrossFit box!), return to healthy eating.  Even though I've gained about 50 pounds over the last 5 years.  

After weeks of unconvincing, "I'm going to do it this time!" and not making it past breakfast, I decided to put goals on my daily calendar with a reward at the end of the week.   I have been experiencing side effects from the medication and have had a significant increase in joint pain (I was diagnosed with chondromalacia and osteoarthritis in my knees about 10 years ago), so that was my catalyst to finally do something.  

On Sunday August 18th, I put these goals on my calendar:  working out 3 days, eating breakfast 3 days, and packing my lunch 2 days.  I also added a reward on the following Saturday for an expensive lipstick I'd just gotten a sample of.  Success!  I did it!  And I ordered my lipstick.     Over the next few weeks I added attending yoga classes and increased the number of days to eat breakfast and pack lunch.  I did this without regard for what I was eating, as I knew that I just needed to get back in the habit.  I continued to be successful.  

On September 1, I added meal prep to my goals.  I figured I had an extra day with Labor Day to get myself together.  I made a breakfast casserole that I could reheat each morning and I made some salads and sandwiches for lunch.  I already subscribe to a healthy mealbox service, so dinners were easy.  I also went ahead and wrote goals and rewards for myself for the month of September so that I could stay on track.   On September 15th, I specified my meal prep "with a focus on Whole-30-type eating."  But then I thought about it over a few days.  Why do I have to wait until the 15th?  Why not just do an actual Whole-30?  I looked up the website and decided that I could start this the very next week.  I have been so excited for myself ever since I made this decision.    

I quickly checked my subscription meals and made changes to include Paleo meals over the next month (I checked ingredients to ensure this also meant Whole-30 compliant).  The one that was to be delivered for this week included one non-Paleo meal, but the others I had ordered were fine.  I made a shopping list, ordered some things from Thrive market, and wrote out menus for the week.

Sunday, I meal-prepped.  I went grocery shopping and bought avocado oil and chamomile teabags (one of my favorites).  I made mayonnaise and then chicken and egg salad for my lunches.  I made a huge broccoli, onion, coconut milk, and egg casserole for my breakfasts.  I planned out dinners to include several things I'll be making this week.  And I unofficially started on this journey yesterday.  

Thursday will be the day I start my 30-day count, as I plan to make my non-Paleo meal for dinner tomorrow night (previously scheduled dinner plans for tonight, delivery box comes today).  However, I started my 33-day journey yesterday.   I will be fully compliant this time, no cheese.  Coconut milk instead of cream in my coffee.  The things I most look forward to are:

     -Feeling in control of myself, and the sense of well-being that goes with that

     -Significant reduction in joint pain

     -Improved blood pressure


I know weight loss will be a secondary gain that I will achieve just by being compliant.  I also know improved mood, sleep, energy levels are additional gains.  I'm so excited to do this, I can't understand why I've been such a hinderance to myself.  But I'm not going to beat myself up, just move forward.  


Yesterday's meals (pre-day 1)

Breakfast-broccoli and onion egg casserole with homemade turmeric-infused mayo

Lunch-chicken salad over baby kale, Whole-30 compliant Pho-beef bone broth


Dinner-Braised chicken thighs with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, spinach, and walnuts

Dessert-hot chamomile tea


Today's meals (pre-day 2)

Breakfast-yesterday's casserole

Lunch-egg salad over baby kale, Whole-30 compliant turmeric Chicken bone broth


Dinner-Ethiopian food.  Friends and I made reservations for this International Dinner night several weeks ago.  I researched Ethiopian food last night, and I think I can manage to fill up on meat and vegetables.  I'll avoid lentils and injera (flatbread) if I can.  

Dessert-hot chamomile tea










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Last night's Ethiopian food was delicious - I talked with the chef about ingredients, and chose dishes that sounded Whole-30 compliant.  They cooked with ghee, which I was glad to hear.  I would have dearly loved to eat the food with the flatbread spread out under my meat and vegetables, but decided it gave me another reason to seek out an Ethiopian restaurant next time I'm in a big city.  My friends were extremely supportive and agreed not to do any wine weekends for the next month!  

I'm feeling good, no cravings, a little bit of a headache.  I know from the last times I've done this to make sure I get enough food.  Dry-roasted pistachios are my go-to snack.  Even though I'm gracing myself into this due to dinner plans last night and tonight, I'm operating as if I'm on Whole-30.  The good thing is I'm getting the 3 tough start days out of the way before actually starting tomorrow.  

Today (pre-day 3)

Breakfast - broccoli onion egg casserole spread with homemade turmeric mayo  - this is so amazingly delicious I'm making this casserole again next week.  It might be the avocado oil mayo-I've previously used olive oil to make it, which was good, but I could seriously eat this one straight out of the jar.

Lunch-Chicken bone broth, chicken salad over baby kale


Dinner-Shrimp tacos with cabbage slaw and queso fresco - my only non-Paleo subscription meal.  I'll make a game time decision about the corn tortillas and queso.  If I don't eat those, my dinner will be compliant.  I LOVE tacos, and I had already decided this would be my last meal.  But if I put the shrimp over the cabbage slaw over a bed of greens...and maybe I could take my homemade mayo and add some chili powder to it, top the salad.  If my Thrive box arrives today, I'll have compliant taco seasoning to use.  By writing this out I'm convincing myself I should make the compliant adjustments and call this Day 1.  

Also making a trip to the gym tonight.    



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After I wrote yesterday’s post, I got thinking that I might be able to actually be on day 3 if I changed my dinner up.  I had arrowroot powder earlier in the week in one of my dinners, so I checked out whether or not that was allowed through the forum.  While looking for that, I discovered that rotisserie chickens are not typically compliant - the chicken salad I had made over the weekend was made from a store-bought rotisserie.  So even though the arrowroot was fine and the two dinners I was worried about ended up being compliant, my chicken salad wasn’t.  I’m glad I finished it up for lunch yesterday.  It was really good!  I guess I’ll be roasting a chicken this weekend...though, I’m wondering if people stay away from regular chicken on the Whole 30 because of the brining issue?  I don’t have access to free ranging chickens.  There used to be a lovely CSA down the road that raised and butchered their own, but they shut down after the state changed some of the organic farming laws.  

My first Thrive Market box arrived yesterday - now I have nutpods to try, ghee, buffalo wing sauce, taco seasoning, almond butter, bone broths, and several jerkies.  Yum! 


So today is my official Day 1:

Breakfast-the final piece of broccoli/onion/egg casserole, coffee with the last of my canned coconut milk

Lunch-Chicken bone broth with ginger and turmeric, egg salad made with homemade mayo and celery over baby kale

Snack, if needed-apple with almond butter

Dinner-turkey chili with riced cauliflower and some other vegetables.

Dessert-hot chamomile tea


I didn’t actually make it to the gym yesterday due to another commitment after work, but will go tonight.  


Positive changes that I’m noticing:

Less pain, my hip isn’t hurting today - I can’t remember the last time it didn’t hurt

I feel better in general, lighter on my feet


Current challenges

Low grade headache

Upset stomach last night

Tired - even though I have a better overall feeling, I think if I laid down for a movement, I’d go right to sleep.

I know these things are expected.  

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As I was walking out the gym last night, my husband called and wanted to meet at our favorite local Italian restaurant (where our daughter happens to work) because it was steak night.  So in my panicked 5-minute drive there, I planned to stick to vegetables, avoid butter, not worry about the salad dressing because I knew the rules regarding oils have been relaxed, and order steak,  Which I did.  I forgot about the Parmesan cheese grated onto the salad until I was driving home :(.  That's what happens without time to plan - little things slip through the cracks.  

So today is Day 1:

Breakfast-4 scrambled eggs served over frisee with homemade mayo and my Thrive Market bacon pieces.  Coffee with nutpods creamer

Lunch-Chicken broth and a handful of bacon pieces.  It's been a very crazy day - I'm just sitting down to my desk a little before 4:00 finally able to take a moment to eat.  So I'm not eating my entire lunch.  I seem to be satisfied with that at the moment.  I was hungry, but not ravenous.  My stomach has been growling since noon, but I had left my lunch in my office (thinking I would be back by 11:30).  Mistake.  The last few years, I would have run through a drive through while going from one place to the other.  

Dinner-The turkey chili and riced cauliflower that was planned for last night. 

Fantastic yoga class last night, best one as far as being able to get into poses, in ages.  Gym tonight to walk the treadmill.  Will get back into lifting starting Monday.    

I need to menu plan for next week and go to the grocery store tomorrow.  


Positive changes

Hip - yay! 

Feel happier - part of this may be that the school year has started and I'm out and about seeing students and consulting with teachers, doing what I love.  

No cravings - Peanut M&Ms on the table during my last meeting (before I finally got lunch) didn't even register as a food with me.  That's huge.  I'm used to stuff like that calling my name until I give in.  In fact, this change was added as an afterthought because they just didn't bother me.  



A little headachy, but maybe because of my lunch issue

Stomach was still upset last night, but better today

I didn't sleep great-up a lot, my body felt sore and a little achy this morning.  I was thinking on the way to work that this was the "carb flu"


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Omg, my hip, knee, entire leg are killing me.  This is the pain I was having a week ago - so bad that it brings tears and all I want to do is curl up in bed.  I didn’t sleep well last night, very restless.  I woke up this morning with pain in my left lower back, but overall felt more energetic than usual.  My usual Saturday mornings consist of being on my laptop in front of the news for 2+ hours, and then not really wanting to get up to move around.  Mainly because I hurt.  But this morning, I was looking forward to going to a yoga class and was noticing my energy and pain levels were very much improved from last Saturday morning.  

The yoga class was fantastic. I surprised myself by how well I could get into some of the poses, the fact that I could actually bend my knees.  My back definitely felt better afterward.  Given the increased activity level, I should have gone home iced and taken meds, but I went and strolled about during a football game for about an hour.  I was in pain by this time, but still had to go grocery shopping.  Lesson learned - while my pain is much better, my arthritis is (and won’t be) cured.    I am also very tired today, but no headache.  

Day 2

Breakfast-yesterday’s egg salad and kale, coffee with nut pods

snack-blueberry RXbar (convenience store purchase - breakfast didn’t hold as long as I expected),

Lunch-the bit of leftover chili from last night, broccoli, ground beef mixed with Thrive Market taco seasoning.  This lunch was amazing.  

Dinner-late lunch, I’m not really hungry for dinner.  On the agenda was steak fajita lettuce wraps.  I dont have anything lighter or leftover.  I’m not sure I want to go without dinner.  I’m a little suspicious that today’s pain may have been impacted by yesterday’s poor water intake and extremely late, small lunch. 

I did my meal planning and grocery shopping.   Looking forward to prepping tomorrow.


a cut by my thumbnail that was having a hard time healing because of where it was located has healed

definitely feel less lazy, though very tired today.  I feel like moving around rather than sitting all day, I’ve not had to fight with myself to get up and go.  

No cravings.  It was easy to find the right snack in the convenience store, even though there were few things to pick from.  I was not tempted in the grocery store.  No willpower involved, just not interested.  To me, this is the most amazing NSV for Whole30, paleo in general.  


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I accomplished so much today!  Not my typical, “I’m too tired to do anything” weekend day.  I changed around some things in my daughter’s room, meal-prepped for two hours, went to Target (usually such an effort to go somewhere!), put together a bookcase, helped my son fold and put away his clothes, did a load of laundry, packed lunches for the week, and cleaned up the kitchen.  I didn’t accomplish all I wanted to do this weekend, but I’m so happy to finally have the energy and limited pain to do stuff.  

Meal-prep consisted of two recipes from Well Fed - chocolate chili and Ethiopian beef stew.  I also made another breakfast casserole and egg/bacon bagel sandwiches for my son’s breakfasts this week.  I was worried my leg would hurt standing for so long, so I worked on somethings at the table.  That was fine. I did experience leg pain walking around Target.  I iced when I got home and have gotten through the rest of my day without problem.

Oh and my reward for last week, a gorgeous new yoga mat, arrived today.  


Day 3

Breakfast-leftover steak and peppers from last nigh’s fajita salad

Lunch-small bowl of chocolate chili as it was continuing to simmer

Treat-I stopped at Starbucks on the way home and got a green iced tea.  So yummy and refreshing.  

Dinner-chocolate chili over kale and riced cauliflower

Snack-hot tea, maybe macadamia nuts if I’m hungry



All the Halloween stuff was out at Target and I had a momentary thought to grab first candy corn and later pumpkin spice almonds.  Both thoughts were very brief, clearly out of habit, but I also quickly remembered, “no.”  Ne feeling of deprivation, no remorse or thoughts about cheating.  But I did get a glimpse into my automatic thought process around certain foods.  

Scaly elbows are clearing up

Definitely more energy today, but not quite where I expect to get  

Still a little achy in the hip


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I am so tired.....I went back to sleep for about 10 minutes this morning after I got up and ate breakfast.  I didn't even finish my coffee - I set my phone alarm and laid my head right on the couch and slept.  And I still want to sleep.  And I have a headache - it feels like tension, everything tight.  Ugh....  I will survive.  

I did eat the macadamia nuts last night and was still hungry.  I'm thinking I didn't have enough lunch yesterday.  Today is another day.  

Breakfast- Reheated egg casserole - eggs, leek, broccoli, red pepper, eggplant, a little leftover sweet potato, coconut milk.  Topped with homemade mayo.  

Lunch-Chocolate chili (Well Fed recipe) over kale

Snack-apple with almond butter, if needed

Dinner-Moroccan beef over riced cauliflower


I take pride in the fact that I don't snack between meals (between dinner and bed was a different story...), but I'm trying to accept that I might need a snack right now until I become fat-adapted.  




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Today is officially Day 5.  I'm tired and have a low-grade headache.  I was thinking this morning as I was dragging myself around the house that I feel worse than I did last week.  I really don't think the rotisserie chicken and the bit of parmesan cheese I had last week precluded my body from beginning the healing process, so I've really been eating significantly better for 9 days (but Day 5 by Whole 30 standards).  As I thought about it, I think "feeling worse" is relative.  It's like when I had a cortisone shot in my left knee - I instantly felt a lot better, I could finally move and walk and bend without significant pain.  But within a day or two, I was feeling the arthritis in my right knee, which had always been there.  It's just that I was in so much pain with my left knee that it masked the right.  I think it's the same with my general malaise - I was in such a fog all the time, that getting a glimpse of clarity last week felt like I was so much better.  But now that my body is really doing the work of coming out of the fog, I'm much more in tune to how unwell I was/am.   I wish I had thought to do a rating of my energy level when I started.  I was probably close to a 1, I'd say I'm about a 4 today.  When I think about this past weekend and how much I did relative to previous weekends (as little as possible), the improvement is clear.  I was too exhausted to even go to a store - I used to love to go grocery shopping or walk around Home Goods.  I haven't felt like doing that in ages.  Until this past weekend. Even though I was exhausted and hurting afterward.  But that's progress.  I can't discount that.  

No snack yesterday.  I am not looking forward to eating all the chocolate chili I made for this week!  It was good the first two meals.  The third it was getting old.  Add a fourth meal with Moroccan beef and I have had just about enough beef.   I have the chili for lunch again today and I'm not excited about it.  I'm actually fantasizing about having tuna fish.  Maybe I'll make that for my lunch tomorrow.    

Yoga class was again great last night.  I loved using my new mat.  I can definitely fold better, meaning my stomach has shrunk some.  I was a little sore afterward, iced when I got home, no problems with achiness afterward.  

Day 5

Energy level = 4, pain level = 1.  

Breakfast - delicious breakfast casserole with coconut milk coffee.  I'm not overly enthused with the coffee.  I often go through stages, regardless of how I'm eating, where I just don't like coffee.  I'm getting to that point.  

Lunch- Chocolate chili over spinach.  I only have one more meal of this after today.  I'm not having it tomorrow.  Lesson learned - I probably shouldn't cook all beef dishes to have everyday, lunch and dinner.  As much as I love ground beef, I'm sick of it.  

Dinner-Mediterranean chicken paleo subscription meal.  The picture looks delicious - chicken with lots of sautéed green and red veggies plus olives.  All drizzled with a lemon garlic sauce.  This is what I'm looking forward to today.   

Gym tonight.  I was going to start back lifting last night, but got distracted and didn't want to miss yoga class.  So I'll start tonight.  A very easy reintroduction.  I haven't lifted since early August.  

A thought as I write out today's plan - maybe the disgust I'm feeling for coffee and beef is tied to my general grouchiness.  Or vice versa.  Is this Kill All Things?  Maybe so.  I'll give myself time.  

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Hang in there!  Day 5 or 9...it took me a little longer to adjust...as in I still am; even yesterday - Day 16 - I was out of energy by 7 and just wanted to crawl in to bed before even getting my kids in theirs and doing the things I had planned to accomplish.

This may not help since you only have one serving left, but we like to make loaded potatoes with chili...white potatoes or sweet potatoes. Not sure if the chocolate chili would be good that way, but might change it up a little.  But I know what you mean. I made a summer squash and broccoli soup for lunches this week and it is lacking in flavor. I mixed today's with some leftover curry I had saved (from making this recipe:  https://www.thebewitchinkitchen.com/coconut-curry-chicken-meatballs/ ) and it made it better, but I'm sure I'll be sick of it by Friday. 

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1 hour ago, heb2014 said:

This may not help since you only have one serving left, but we like to make loaded potatoes with chili...white potatoes or sweet potatoes. 

This is a wonderful idea for my last serving, thank you!  It actually wasn't terrible once I started eating it today, I really just need more vegetables in it, something to break up the monotony of the meat.  A loaded potato will be perfect!   The meatball recipe also sounds delicious.  

And thank you for the encouragement - it's one thing to *know* this is the way things are supposed to be, it's another to have others in the boat with you!  


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I dealt with yesterday's blahs by not even making dinner.  I went to the gym right after work and did some back squats, push-ups, and barbell rows.  My first weight work since early August-yay me!  I have pleasantly sore muscles today and a little tweakiness in my left knee that I'm dealing with through elevation and massage.  But overall, I feel ok.  After getting home from the gym I told the hubs that I wasn't making dinner.  So he made his own thing.  I fixed my son some of the Moroccan beef (which he loved over rice) and ended up having bone broth (beef!!!) and a watered down orange juice for myself.  When I opened the fridge, the OJ looked like exactly what I needed - I checked the label (orange juice and ascorbic acid) and poured myself 1/2 a glass and filled the rest with water.  It was so refreshing!  I was a little worried it might set off sugar cravings, especially since I've had very little fruit.  Maybe I needed the carbs - my workout wasn't that intense, but who knows...anyway, no cravings, I was fine.  I drank my broth and went on with the evening.  

Day 6

Energy=6  Pain=1

Breakfast - More of the egg casserole.  Half a cup of coffee with French Vanilla nutpods.  I'm done with coffee for a while.  It has no appeal to me whatsoever right now. 

Lunch - Moroccan beef over spinach.  I was too lazy to make tuna last night, made the executive decision to deal with the beef today.  I just finished eating it, it was fine.  

Dinner - Last night's plan for Mediterranean chicken is on tonight's agenda

Snacks - I ended up eating some macadamia nuts with yesterday's lunch.  I have a few of those leftover if I need a snack this afternoon.  Plus an apple and almond butter if needed.  


I guess I feel generally better today than yesterday, since my energy is higher.  I'm just doing the program.  It's not hard today, I'm not having cravings, but I'm not all that enthusiastic about it, either.  I think planning next week's meals might help - I like looking at new recipes.  Ah, but I just discovered a positive when I put my hands to my face - it feels thinner! 


Face feels thinner

No hip pain since Sunday

Falling asleep easier the last few nights and sleeping all night 


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Last night’s dinner was delicious and I was wishing later that I had made more chicken.   I had the apple and almond butter snack.  I was asleep by 9:30, then woke up a little after 11:00 thinking it was morning!   And I was hungry.  This is always my challenge, the middle of the night snacking.  I honestly wanted chicken, though, wishing there were leftovers from dinner.  I ended up making tuna fish and scooping it up with celery.  That did the trick!

Today has been a busy day, but I made sure I had my lunch with me and ate it at a good time.  I’ve had a general feeling of fatigue and body aches, but not terrible.   I actually fell asleep briefly while I was waiting to get my hair done.   I’ll just be glad to get through this part.   I have leftovers and meals to make tonight, but I seem to be craving chicken.  So I stopped at the store and bought chicken breasts and romaine lettuce to make Caesar-type salad.  

Day 7

Energy = 7, pain = 2- lowgrade all day

Breakfast - egg casserole topped with mayo  No coffee!

Lunch - leftover tuna salad from last night, tomato Thai basil compliant soup

Dinner-grilled chicken over romaine lettuce with Primal Palate green goddess dressing  - this is the first time I’ve had this dressing.  It’s good.  I added some salt and pepper and that made it really good.  

I think part of my problem this week is that I feel so full all the time.  My GI system hasn’t adjusted yet, so I think that’s part of it.  

I’m trying t figure out when I get order the Chipotle Whole30 bowl for lunch - I didn’t realize this was a thing until today.  Maybe Saturday, and if not, definitely next week!


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Last night I couldn't fall asleep, and so was downstairs fixing myself some salad leftover from dinner.  This is a bad habit that I need to back away from.  My issue is that when I couldn't sleep in the past, loading up on carbs made me sleepy.  That's why I'm prowling for food.  I'll have to come up with a solution.  Once I finally fell asleep I slept well.  Woke up with more energy today than in the past.  It's been a good day.  

Day 8

Energy=7, pain=0

Breakfast- last of the egg casserole topped with compliant chipotle mayo

Lunch- in two parts because of my crazy day.  First - turmeric chicken bone broth.  2 hours later, leftover chicken "Caesar" salad from last night.  

Dinner-may be a food truck.  I've checked on line at their offerings, and it looks doable.  I'm thinking a turkey leg or bratwurst.  Note to self to stay away from anything with barbecue sauce on it.  We're going out with friends to hear a band.  I'm tonight's DD.  

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Last night’s food truck dinner was jerk chicken tacos without the shell. I got a high-five from the truck guy when I asked my first question about his food - he recognized that I was eating Paleo.  He said he was familiar with Whole 30 and told me the chicken was compliant, so I took his word for it.  It was delicious!  And I drank water all night while enjoying the band and my friend’s company.  The chicken had mango and pineapple on top.  I wonder if a little evening carbs will hep me sleep better?  I slept great last night.  This is something to experiment with.  

Busy day ahead - the meal times are going to be iffy.  I’m with my mother-in-law most of the day.  She has a history of eating disorder and still has very disordered eating habits.  She may or may not bring an apple and a cereal bar with her for lunch or she may ant to eat out.  So I’m trying to think of something I can bring with me.  Being Saturday (grocery store tomorrow) my options are limited.  I did have a big breakfast:

Day 9 

Energy=8  Pain=3 (hip)

B=4 egg omelet (eggs, coconut milk) cooked in ghee, topped with chipotle lime mayo, hot tea

L=beef jerky and apple to carry along.  

D=Chicken “Caesar” salad

S=apple with almond butter, if needed


Despite hip pain this morning, I’m definitely feeling better for the second day in a row.  This is the energy I was hoping for.  

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I managed yesterday’s lunch with a chicken sriracha RX bar and lemon RX bar.  We stopped at a convenience store to get the mil a breakfast sandwich.  I had bad stomach cramps a little while later, I’m thinking the bars didn’t agree with me.  I managed chicken fajita and broccoli with chipotle lime for dinner.  I slept well last night.

Today’s energy has been great.  I’m a little tired and sore now, but I’ve been moving since 9:30 (6 hours!)-gym for a weight workout, yoga class, grocery store, food prep.  I’m feeling a little pain in my knee and hip just over the last hour or so.  

Energy - 9, pain - 0 most of the day, about a 2 after nearly 6 hours of activity mostly  on my feet.  The yoga class was instrumental in transitioning from the weight work to the rest of the day, I think.  

Day 10

B- 3 eggs fried in ghee, topped with chipotle mayo

L-homemade shrimp salad wrapped in collard green leaf

D-Red Lobster.  Daughter’s boyfriend’s birthday dinner.  I’ve researched the menu on line and it looks like I can go with regular fish, a salad, and a potato.  

I’ve eaten out a lot this week, but managed it well.  I haven’t felt deprived.  


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Dinner at Red Lobster went fine, I was wanting to try some of the things others had, but in the end, I was the only one not complaining about being overstuffed.  I slept well last night (baked potato carbs?).  The pain never got so bad that I needed ibuprofen.  Clear improvement for me.

I follow-up with the doctor today regarding my blood pressure.  It will be interesting to see what weight I’ve lost.  I know I’m not supposed tp, but it can’t be helped.  I’m not one to get hung up on numbers anyway.  I’m a heavy person anyway, and always have looked like I weighed much less than I actually do.   

Day 11

Energy - 9, pain - 1.  The pain is residual soreness from yesterday’s weight workout.  

Breakfast-Egg casserole with onion and broccoli,  Topped with chipotle mayo

Lunch-homemade shrimp salad with cucumber slices and celery.  An apple with almond butter if needed.  I forgot to pack my bone broth.  

Dinner-steak with sautéed kale and sweet potato. 

Gym workout-walk on treadmill and yoga class.  I need to get back to increasing my walk time - my bff wants to plan a hike for the end of October.  I need to “train” for it to ensure that my knee and hip will hold up.  



I put on a shirt this morning that I haven’t worn in a while because it pulled across my belly.  It fits well today.  

I can definitely see an improvement in energy and pain

Sleeping better

No cravings


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Yesterday I ate compliant beef jerky and a small handful of macadamia nuts instead of the apple with almond butter.  Otherwise, the rest was the same.  I slept well again last night - sweet potato.  I won't add extra carbs tonight and see what happens.  Walking on the treadmill - I got to 7 minutes before I started to hurt.  I switched to the bike and was able to go the rest of the time (10 more minutes) before yoga class.  Yoga class was good and the rest of the evening was fine.  I'm taking tonight off because I really need to clean the house, but I think another day before my next weight session is a good idea.  

Excellent doctor's appt - she is reducing my bp medication and says if I lose 10 more pounds I can come off of it altogether!  I've lost 14 pounds so far - this is over the last month.  Much of that may be water weight, but I know I definitely feel lighter and better.  My next appointment is Dec 23 - the timing is incentive to maintain paleo-style eating through the holidays.  I've done that before with few feelings of regret, deprivation, or craving.  Many of the holiday foods I like are or can easy be modified to be paleo or Whole 30.  

Day 12

Energy - 9, pain - 1.  A little achiness in the hip, but I've also been sitting a lot this morning.  

Breakfast-egg casserole topped with chipotle mayo

Lunch- homemade buffalo chicken mixed with regular homemade mayo, collard leaf, cucumbers, celery for dippers/wrap, bone broth if I need it

Dinner-Mediterranean pork chops and vegetables 

Everything is going well - energy is up, I'm managing the pain, no cravings, I'm not feeling the food annoyances I was feeling last week.  No one has noticed weight loss or any other changes yet, but lots of people around me are doing various types of diets (keto, weight watchers, etc.)  I'm really just waiting for the one doing Weight Watchers to say something to me - the poor thing has been doing WW since the spring and has had very little change.  She's always counting points, then cheats...I want to share Whole30 with her, but she is so vested in her points.  I figure that when she notices my changes, she'll ask what I'm doing and that will be a perfect opening.  

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On 9/24/2019 at 10:36 AM, MadyVanilla said:

Everything is going well - energy is up, I'm managing the pain, no cravings, I'm not feeling the food annoyances I was feeling last week.  No one has noticed weight loss or any other changes yet, but lots of people around me are doing various types of diets (keto, weight watchers, etc.)  I'm really just waiting for the one doing Weight Watchers to say something to me - the poor thing has been doing WW since the spring and has had very little change.  She's always counting points, then cheats...I want to share Whole30 with her, but she is so vested in her points.  I figure that when she notices my changes, she'll ask what I'm doing and that will be a perfect opening.  

As someone who previously did Weight Watchers (11 years ago), Whole30 will seem too free in some respects (eat how much you want without looking up the calories/points?!?!?!) and too limited in others ("...But I can have a donut or whatever I want on WW if I work it in to my points!!!").  I think she will need to define her "why" a little more to commit to a Whole30 - like yes, you want to lose weight, but why? What do you think will be different when you lose weight?  And maybe she has those reasons already. 

WW gets a bad rap sometimes, but if she's following some of the science behind it, not just the points, she'll have some healthy habits that will help with Whole30. One of the things you're encouraged to do is figure out your hunger/fullness signals. And there are "good health guidelines" that you're supposed to meet everyday - some of which align with Whole30 (healthy oils, more water, limited sugar and alcohol) and some of which don't (dairy, whole grains). But I think one of the reasons it gets the bad rap is that so many people don't follow the recommendations, they simply count points (and that might have more to do with it being so online now - it was meetings when I did it so the leader talked about the science at every meeting).

Just some things to keep in mind if she does come to you!

PS - way to go on those 14 pounds but even more exciting about the BP medicine!  

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5 hours ago, heb2014 said:

As someone who previously did Weight Watchers (11 years ago), Whole30 will seem too free in some respects (eat how much you want without looking up the calories/points?!?!?!) and too limited in others ("...But I can have a donut or whatever I want on WW if I work it in to my points!!!").  I think she will need to define her "why" a little more to commit to a Whole30 - like yes, you want to lose weight, but why? What do you think will be different when you lose weight?  And maybe she has those reasons already.

This is a really good point - I once did Weight Watchers, too, and one of the benefits is that you learn how to balance your calories/points across the day,  I may have a donut at breakfast because someone brought them to work, but then eat lots of veggies the rest of the day,  There is definitely a place for that.  I see her doing the sweets and trying to balance it, but complaining about not being able to stop with just one cookie.  I remember that.  But you’re right, a person has to be ready to come to Whole30, otherwise it seems like a crazy diet. 

I did not have carbs with dinner, and I was awake at 3:45 am, unable to go back to sleep for over an hour.  Even so, I’m not tired now.   I’m icing the knee  - I walked with a friend after work.  16 minutes, and now I can barely walk   This is so frustrating.  At least I’m making it through the day pretty well.  

Day 13

Energy - 9, pain-current 6, but through most of the day it was 0.  

Breakfast - the usual

Lunch - buffalo chicken, cucumber slices, chicken bone broth

Dinner - buffalo chicken over riced cauliflower.  I can’t stand up long enough to actually cook tonight.  


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I slept ok, last night, but woke up early.  I was excited and thinking about something I thought was going to happen this morning, but it  didn't.  So, I'm feeling a little disappointed.  

Day 14

Energy - 8, pain-0

B-the usual

L-Chipotle Whole 30 carne asada bowl

D-Korean Chicken with glass noodles (made from sweet potato starch) and vegetables

Gym-weights and yoga tonight.   


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15 hours ago, MadyVanilla said:

  I see her doing the sweets and trying to balance it, but complaining about not being able to stop with just one cookie. 

Maybe that's enough to help with her why - "I want to lose weight but can't get control of the sweets and need to have stricter limitations for a little while". If she talks to you about Whole30 and mentions the sweets thing, let her know that it helps tame the sugar dragon (but that it's a process for sure!)

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I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, but it was my fault for staying up very late catching up with a friend.  I still woke up at regular time and got up without difficulty.  I've had a low grade headache this afternoon, but also went to the eye doctor at lunch and had my eyes dilated.  I think that might be why my head hurts.  Yesterday was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, and my lunch eating was not great.  As soon as I ordered and paid for my bowl at Chipotle, my son texted and wanted to go to lunch.  So I met him where he was and ordered a BLT salad.  I wasn't even thinking about the type of bacon it was until I was halfway through the salad.  I also ate a handful of his fries, because...potatoes.  And I love fries.  These would be a no brakes food for me, though I didn't think about that at the time.  I just thought, they are potatoes.  Then I went back to my office and ate the chipotle bowl because I'd only eaten half the salad.  Ugh.  And then I did a weight workout and yoga class last night and I was hungry for dinner, which was really good.   I never felt sick or overfull or like I was going overboard.  But when I think back on it, my choices were not well-made.  I don't know if this means I need to start Whole 30 over.  My plan was to go 45 days anyway, so this kind of seals the deal for that.  

Day 15 (1)

Energy-8, Pain-0

B-usual casserole

L-buffalo chicken wrapped in collard leaves

D-Steak with fennel and tomato salad.  


NSV-My skin looks better, I can definitely tell my stomach is smaller.  


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Yesterday was an incredible eating challenge full of good intentions but bad decisions because of poor planning.  Breakfast at home was fine, leftover Korean chicken from Thursday’s dinner.  Soon after, I went to pick up friends to go to a local beer and wine festival, where I was going to be the DD.  I knew there would be food trucks there, but figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find a burger or some other meat to hold me over until dinner (which I was planning to have at home) .  The festival was a lot of fun, but food choices were limited to chicken tenders, pulled pork and other barbecued meats, and Italian sausage.  I ended up eating 1 sausage that cost me $9.  I really could have eaten another, but the thought of paying $18 for something that may or may not be compliant was unpalatable.  I figured I could hold off until dinner with just the one.  Festival ended, we headed home.  One of my friends is nursing baby kittens, so we went there to help her feed them.  After that, everyone was hungry and wanted Chinese.  I suggested going out to a restaurant, but they wanted to get carry-out and eat on the back porch.  I’m the only one who hadn’t been drinking all day and it was a lovely evening, so the carry-out made sense. We had no menu, there wasn’t one available on line, and the consensus was, “they have normal Chinese food - just call and order”. I only eat Chinese food a couple times a year, so going by memory, I thought the beef and broccoli would be a good choice.  I asked for it to be prepared without MSG.  Well, it came and had a sauce all over it.  Ugh.  I was starving, feeling a little self-conscious about “not being able to eat anything!” And did my best to pick around the sauce.  I know it was full of sugar and soy sauce.  If I wasn’t DD’ing my friends, I would have just packed it up and taken it home and then fixed something different.  So it was a conscious decision to eat it, fueled by intense hunger after such a small sausage for lunch.  Lessons learned:   Eat a much bigger breakfast when going out with friends for the day, pack snacks, and Chinese food is not Whole30-friendly.   So I’m back at day 1.  I feel fine this morning, but I really want to find out what foods I’m sensitive to, so I need to restart.  

Back to Day 1

Energy-9, pain-0

B-finished up the egg casserole

L-buffalo chicken wrapped in collard leaves

D-Chipotle carne asada bowl.  

I’m leaving this afternoon for a 2-day work conference, so I’ll be eating away from home until Tuesday night.   Chipotle is going to be my best friend.

I’m getting ready to head to the gym for weights and yoga.  Then grocery store and meal prep before leaving.   


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I haven't been able to post since Sunday due to issues with the wi-fi while I was away, but I did well!  I found a Chipotle for dinner Sunday night and took it back to the hotel.  Monday morning, I went for a short walk to get breakfast.  My breakfast was an omelet with spinach, onion, and tomato and a side of potatoes and onions.  I asked that it not be cooked in butter, and it was cooked in some kind of oil - Canola?  It tasted terrible.  I picked at it a little, ate the vegetables out of the center of the omelet, and left the rest.  Lunch was grilled chicken over salad with oil and vinegar.  A co-worker and I walked downtown to the waterfront and back, which was 2 miles.  I started limping about 3/4 of a mile in - we sat for a little while at the waterfront and I stretched out my leg/knee.  That helped tremendously, and I was able to walk back a good portion before starting to limp again.  Dinner was steak over a salad, again with oil and vinegar.  Tuesday morning I walked to a different place for breakfast and had the best omelet I think I've ever eaten-filled with grilled chicken, peppers, onion, and tomato and topped with avocado.  A side of fruit came with it.  Lunch was another salad topped with grilled chicken.  Even though I ate a lot of salads, each one was different and included different ingredients.  Yesterday's lunch had strawberries and oranges in it, so I had a lot of fruit yesterday.  I had anticipated making burgers when I got home last night, but I was just too tired, so I ended up eating slices of ham and turkey meat dipped in mayo and mustard and a handful of olives.  I slept terrible in the hotel and my skin has broken out a little bit - I'm not sure if that's from something I ate on Saturday, poor sleep, different environment, or not getting as much water as usual.  I didn't bring my large water bottle with me, and the offerings at the conference were just small glasses that I had to keep getting up and going to the other side of the room if I wanted to refill.  And there was nowhere within walking distance that sold big water bottles.  

I slept really good last night, almost 9 hours.  

Day 4

Energy - 8, pain - 0

B-chicken breast with mayo

L-Chipotle carne asada bowl - too tired to think about what I was taking for lunch last night

D-Turkey burgers with beet salad, roasted zucchini


Getting myself back on track with the water today.  Probably not going to the gym.  I didn't pack a bag.  I feel like I need to go home and get myself organized for the rest of the week.  




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I slept horrible last night, after getting some upsetting news late.  Tossed and turned all night, woke up thinking about it all night long.  I didn't even eat breakfast this morning, wasn't hungry.  I ate lunch about 1/2 earlier than usual.  

Day 5

Energy - 8, despite poor sleep.  Pain - 0

B-none, not hungry

L-homemade chicken salad, leftover beet salad.  Brought a soup with me just in case I needed it, but that was enough to eat.  Though I'm a little hungry now (late afternoon).

D-Chicken Tangine (paleo recipe).  It's cooler and dreary today.  A good night for a heavier meal.  

Weights and yoga at the gym tonight.  

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