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First Journal

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My gym workout was great last night - I was definitely feeling the squats in my knee, but I can also tell that I'm getting stronger.  This is what I need to do to protect my knee.  Yoga relieved the pain, and I didn't have to ice or take ibuprofen last night.  Sleep was good.  I wasn't hungry again this morning, but I ate anyway.  I've had a headache a good portion of the day, but I think that may be a little bit hunger, a little bit dehydration.  I haven't drank as much water today as usual, either.   My skin is still breaking out, too - I don't know why that is.  At first, I thought it was because of Saturday's diet but now I'm not so sure.  It's almost like my body is getting rid of toxins, but I would have expected this around my original day 6.  Maybe I'm getting ready to start my period.  My birth control usually prevents periods, but every now and then I have one, so maybe that's what's going on.  

Day 6

Energy - 7, pain - 0

B-Applegate Farms turkey and ham with mustard and mayo to dip it in

L-Leftover Chicken Tangine

D-Homemade chicken salad with vegetables.  

I'm contemplating going for a walk at the gym.  I'm certain I won't get too far on the treadmill, but at least it's something.  

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I didn’t have time to post yesterday, but it was a good day.  I started out the morning with a trip to the church bazaar with my MIL.  Home for lunch, which I wasn’t really hungry for.  I worked on a project that required several trips up and down the stairs - it wasn’t that long ago that I was avoiding going up and down the stairs as much as possible.  Then we went out with friends to see one of our friend’s new band play.  Again, I was DD.  We got home really late, and then I had to be up early for breakfast.  

Day 7

Energy 9 pain 0

B-4 eggs cooked in ghee, slathered with chili lime mayo

L-leftover chicken and mayo, but I wasn’t that hungry so didn’t eat most of it.

D-taco salad with compliant ingredients.  This meal included the only vegetables I ate all day.  

I drank club soda and water all night at the bar.  


Day 8

Up early for monthly breakfast with my brother and dad.  I ordered my eggs scrambled without milk, the waiter looked at me like I had two heads.  He said, “so you want real eggs?”  Umm, yeah, I always want real eggs.  What’s the other stuff??  My plan after breakfast was to go to the grocery store, then to the gym to get in a weight workout before yoga class.  But I ended up going home and back to sleep for an hour.  No guilt, I was listening to my body.  Then I got up, took a book, and went to the beach for an hour.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home.  When i got home, i sat on the back deck and read some more.  I pushed the meal prep back until just about dinner time - it worked out fine.  I just got Well Fed 2, and wanted to try braised short ribs and gingered zucchini soup for the upcoming week.  So, I prepped the ribs, put them in the crockpot, started the soup going so it could simmer for an hour, and then started dinner.  While dinner was cooking, I was cooking bacon in the microwave and bagels in the toaster for my son’s breakfast sandwiches.  After dinner, I cooked the eggs, assembled the sandwiches, Cleaned the kitchen, and blended the soup.  I think it took about 2 hours all in all, and I feel very efficient.  Especially after doing a lazy morning and afternoon.  

Energy 6, pain 2 (knee bothering me a little  tonight after walking on the beach and standing in the kitchen for a long time)

B-2 eggs scrambled, piece of salty ham, potatoes and onions

L-Chipotle carne asada bowl - took to beach with me

D-Seared salmon with mixed vegetables



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Day 9

Yesterday was such an incredibly tough day...a young adult that grew up in our neighborhood was murdered.  He and my son were great friends (along with the other boys in our community), hanging out most days exploring the woods, playing basketball and football, riding bikes, etc.  His older sister and my daughter were inseparable all through middle and high school.  It's such a terrible tragedy.  I met both my children for lunch right after we all heard the news.  Then there was a school meeting (about senior activities) and a candlelight vigil in the evening.  I just can't even imagine the pain these parents are experiencing.  We were once close to them, too.  There are just no words...

My eating habits were fine, the biggest impact for me in my health world was in the gym.  I just couldn't concentrate to get my heavy squats done.  I ended up just doing yoga.  

B-4 eggs cooked in ghee, topped with chimichurri sauce

L-sashimi and romaine salad with no dressing

D-Chipotle carne asada bowl - no time to go home for dinner, and I was too hungry to wait until I was done for the evening.  


Day 10

I'm still having issues with my skin breaking out and not being as clear as it was a few weeks ago.  I'm suspecting it might be all the eggs I'm eating.  I now remember thinking something similar last time I did a Whole 30, but I never completely eliminated eggs.  I *think* I'm okay with eggs in small portions, but eating 10 eggs in 3 days is probably not working for me.  So, I'm eliminating eggs at least for the next week.  A mini-elimination within the Whole 30.  If I can come up with egg-less breakfasts to take me out longer, I'll do that.  I have also skimped on the vegetables over the last few days, with most of my meals full of proteins and fats.  Maybe that's the issue, too - too few vegetables.    

B-Mug of gingered zucchini soup (Well Fed recipe)- Delicious! 

L-Chipotle carne asada bowl.  This is the 3rd day in a row, yesterday and today because it's just been too much to think about or fix something.  I need to get away from this for a few days.  

D-Chicken and kale with olive and leek sauce

Yoga tonight.  


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Day 11

Not much to report today.  I slept well, my skin looks better (no - it’s the eggs!), my energy is good.  A little more pain today, but not intolerable.  I think it might be because I’ve been walking more through the day.  I had a great workout tonight - took a free CrossFit class with a friend - deadlifts and lunges (ugh!)

Energy=9, pain=2

B-zucchini soup

L-leftover chicken and kale from last night’s dinner

D-Ribs and riced cauliflower with ghee


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Day 12 

It's pretty amazing how easy this gets to be after a while.  Prepping is the key.  The hardest part has been avoiding non-compliant stuff away from home.  I ended up starting 3 days later than intended, and had to restart twice - once because I was rushed in decision-making and forgot about Parmesan cheese on a salad and the other again due to poor preparation and not remembering that teriyaki sauce was going to be all over my beef and broccoli.  I wouldn't have worried about restarting, except that I really want to know how I'm impacted by both dairy and soy.  I suspect that dairy gives my GI issues, and soy makes me itch.  I used to think it was gluten in foods that made me itch when I touched them, even though the food didn't seem to have any gluten in it.  Now I suspect it may be soy.  I'm pretty sure that gluten makes my joints hurt - I know it causes me to bloat tremendously.  I absolutely have a sugar dragon, and with my family history of diabetes I need to be careful (as I approach the age when both my mother and grandmothers were diagnosed).  And now it seems that too many eggs cause skin problems.  I want to get to a place where I can consciously share a bottle of wine and a good cheese with friends, but then the next day be able to get myself right back onto the Whole 30/paleo wagon.  Are there people who eat Whole 30 most of the time?  If I actually am sensitive to all these things I've cut out, then I will have to maintain a Whole 30 eating style the majority of the time.  At least maybe I'll be able to have corn taco shells and chips...I guess I'm thinking about reintroduction because yesterday would have been my 30th day if not for the Chinese food fiasco.  I still have plenty of time to plan and figure things out.  Also, I need to be thinking ahead about a Rocky Horror party I'm having at my house in 2 weeks (Day 27).  Originally, this was going to be my reintroduction of wine day.  Now, I have to rethink that....

Energy=8, pain=2

I'm a little down today, hence the lower energy.  Some body soreness from last night's workout, a stressful week, and I feel like I need some sleep.  I've been averaging just over six hours a sleep all week, I tend to do better with a little over seven.  My knee/leg has been bothering me today, too.  Tightening up more while I'm walking.  Yoga tonight will help, hopefully.  

B-zucchini soup

L-Chipotle bowl (yes, again.  This is where my lack of lunch prep last weekend is getting to me)

D-Compliant Italian sausages with vegetables



A close friend noticed my weight loss yesterday.  



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Day 13

I woke up at 4:30 this morning and couldn't really get back to sleep, so I got up at 5:00 and showered.  Last winter, when I was waking up so early, I would get up and go for a walk.  I thought about doing that this morning, but I worried that my knee would stiffen up too much.  So I watched the news and napped lightly for about an hour.  I should get back into that habit of going for a walk though, or doing yoga on my back deck first thing.  Those were good habits I once had.  

Energy=8 (it's close to 2:00, no ill effects from my early awakening);  pain =0

B-zucchini soup

L-Ribs and leftover vegetables from last night

D-I'm not sure if we are going out or not.  If not, dinner will be spicy chicken with a cucumber and cabbage salad.  

Last night's yoga class was amazing- a substitute instructor.  I felt so great after the class.  I'm contemplating whether or not to lift tonight,  I couldn't get it done Monday and Wednesday was just DLs.  I really like lifting and then doing yoga afterward, it helps stretch out my leg and knee.  I'll make a game time decision on that.  

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Yesterday was spent mostly at the funeral of our neighbor.  Such a long, tough day.  I’m still feeling drained today.  I came home afterward and put on a yoga video of vin poses - the ones that are held for several minutes.  That helped some.  I fell asleep pretty early and ended up sleeping almost 8 hours.  Today, I’m very low in energy.  My hip and knee hurt, but I have done a few things around the house.  I need to go to the store, then meal prep for the week.  I actually already made a breakfast hash for brunch this morning.  There is plenty left over to get me through a good part of the week.  

Day 14

Energy-8, pain-3 when home from funeral, 0 after yoga

B-carrot ginger soup

L-roast beef, ham, crudités vegetables with mayo/mustard/horseradish mixed together (food at the gathering after the funeral)

D-steak stirfry


Day 15

Energy-6, pain-3

B/L - 8 vegetable  breakfast hash - potatoes, onions, carrot, squash, pepper, tomato, zucchini, cabbage and left over rib meat from last week.  

D - chicken Balinese with cucumber salad

I cleaned/straightened out the pantry this morning.  There is so much terrible food in there.  My husband has absolutely no intent in eating even a little healthy (every 3 months or so he’ll feel like he should eat a salad.)  My 17-year old son is interested, but his Dad buys spaghettios, kraft Mac n Cheese, and all sorts of frozen convenience  foods.    My son will eat well if I prepare for him, but he wont eat leftovers that he has to warm up.  So he reaches for the canned spaghetti, etc.  I have very little trouble avoiding their foods when I’m eating well, thankfully.  But there is no hope for me with all this junk around (I didn’t mention the cookies, Tastycakes, etc.) if I fall off the wagon.   A real NSV for me is that none of those foods are even remotely tempting or appealing to me.  I worry that during reintroduction, I will be tempted though (as has happened before) and I’ll spin out of control.   

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