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Reintroducing myself.


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I lost 50lb in 2013. I kept it off for a few years.  Then life kinda went to heck in a handbasket. Thyroid went kaput, marriage issues, had baby #11, took care for a dying father,  a kid in crisis... and now that the dust is settling a bit - here I am needing to lose weight again. Poop. But I’ve lost 30lbs since I signed up for HealthyWage back in Dec 2018.  I figured I’d do what worked last time and $ is a great additional motivator. I’ve got another 20lb to win my wager and get paid.  Then I’d like to lose another 15 on top of that to reach my final weight goal. That would be going from 202lbs to 135.  As my reward for getting healthier,  I’m going scuba diving & snorkeling in Curaçao in November for 2 weeks.

I’ll be around here gleaning inspiration and tips for keeping my eye on getting healthier.  Especially as the weather turns cold.  Right now I’m walking 20k steps a day, about half on a long predawn morning walk and then another walk after bedtimes to get whatever steps I didn’t manage by then.  That and swimming in a nearby outdoor pool have been 95% of my exercise routine. 

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